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Graduate Committee Request Instructions

A student's graduate study is supervised by a school committee. A Graduate Committee Request Form must be submitted to the Graduate School early in the student's degree program, prior to defense of proposal or the comprehensive exam, but no later than the published deadline.  

Follow the instructions below to submit a Committee Request via SOAR.

  1. From the Faculty Home page in SOAR, click on the Graduate School Forms tile and select Grad Committee Request Form. Faculty Homepage in SOAR
  2. Click the +Add button.Grad Committee Request Form in SOAR
  3. Enter the Student's ID number in the Empl ID field and click the Add button (Fig. 1). If you do not know the student's ID number, you may click on the magnifying glass to search by name. Click on Search Criteria and enter the student's first and last name. Select the correct student by clicking on their name (Fig. 2). (Please Note: Due to the extensive name database, you should search using at least last name.)Empl ID field in SOAR (Fig. 1)Search Criteria fields in SOAR (Fig. 2)
  4. Under the Committee Info section, choose the appropriate committee type by clicking on the magnifying glass in the Committee Type field.Committee Type field in SOAR
  5. Enter the Committee Chair and all Committee Members by entering the member's ID numbers or clicking the magnifying glass to search by name. (Again, if using the search function, enter at least the faculty member's last name.) Refer to Graduate Faculty Listings webpage to ensure Committee Members have been granted the appropriate status.Committee Member fields in SOAR
  6. Select the appropriate degree auditor in the Degree Auditor field.Degree Auditor field in SOAR
  7. After all fields have been populated, click SAVE at the bottom of the page. An email will be generated and sent to the person completing the form, the student, the committee chair, all committee members, and the degree auditor. (Please Note: This confirmation will serve as your copy of the form. If your program maintains paper files, please print a copy of the email for your records.)

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