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How to Enter Comprehensive or Qualifying Exam Results in SOAR

Official Comprehensive and Qualifying Exam results should be entered and approved through SOAR. Once the workflow process has been initiated, results will be approved by the Program Coordinator (or designee) and then by the School Director (or designee). If exam results are submitted in error, please contact Tracy Barnhill (tracy.barnhillFREEMississippi%20) for assistance.

To enter exam results, please follow the instructions below:

  1.  From the Faculty Homepage OR the Campus Solutions Administrator Homepage, click on the Graduate School Forms tile, and then select Comprehensive/Qualifying Exam Form.Graduate School Forms Tile
  2. Click the +Add button.
  3. Enter the student's ID number in the Empl ID field (Fig. 1). If you do not know the student’s ID number, you may click on the magnifying glass to search by name. After clicking the magnifying glass, click on Search Criteria (Fig. 2) and enter the student’s first and last name. Select the correct student by clicking on their name (Please Note: Due to the extensive name database, you should search using at least last name.)
  4. Add the date the exam was taken in the Exam Date field. (Fig. 1)
  5. Select the type of exam (Exam Type Code) by using the dropdown menu. (Fig. 1)
  6. Once all the fields are populated, click the ADD button. (Fig. 1)Empl ID, Exam Date, and Exam Type Code fieldsSearch fields for Student ID
  7.  Add all Evaluators (Committee Members) Empl ID#’s. To search for Faculty ID#’s, click on the magnifying glass and click on Search Criteria (Fig. 3). In the “Name” field, type the faculty member’s LAST NAME and click Search).Search fields for Evaluators
  8. For each evaluator, enter the exam results: Pass or Fail from the dropdown box (Fig. 4). If there are more than 5 evaluators, add additional evaluators and test results in the comment boxes. (Refer to Figure 5 for an example.)Evaluator fields
  9. External committee members or evaluators (or evaluators more than five)  should be added using the Comment Boxes. See Figure 5 for an example.Example of External Committe Members using Comment Field
  10. After entering all Evaluators and exam results, select the Degree Auditor for your program by clicking on the magnifying glass (Fig. 6). If you are uncertain who the degree auditor for your program is, please contact the Graduate School.Degree Auditor selection
  11. Select the "Final Comprehensive Exam Result" from the drop down box (Fig. 7). This is the official score that will be recorded for this exam attempt.Final Exam Results
  12. After all fields have been entered, scroll to the top of the screen to review your entries. Once the form has been submitted, you cannot make corrections. Please review your information and then click the Submit button at the top of the screen (Fig. 8).Green Submit button at top of the screen
  13. A pop-up box will open. Click OK to initiate the workflow process (Fig. 9)Workflow pop-up box

Once the results have been entered and the workflow process has been initiated, the program coordinator/designee and the school director/designee will be notified via email to approve the results.

Items to note for program coordinators and school directors:

  • If you are a program coordinator and are entering the exam results, you WILL NOT receive an email notification. Instead, you should immediately navigate to your worklist to approve the results after submitting.
  • If you are a school director and are entering the exam results, you WILL receive an email notification after the program coordinator has approved the results. Use the link in the email to approve the results.
  • If you are both a school director AND program coordinator and are entering exam results, you WILL NOT receive any email notifications. Instead, immediately navigate to your worklist and approve the results TWICE, once for each role.

To navigate to your worklist, please use the navigation button in the upper right hand corner of your homepage (Fig 10).  When the navigation menu opens, select Navigator (Fig. 11) and select Worklist (Fig. 12).Navigator button

Navigation Menu


 If you have additional questions about submitting exam scores or discover an error after submitting exam scores, please contact Tracy Barnhill (Tracy.BarnhillFREEMississippi) for assistance.

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