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First Submission Review


After submitting your thesis, dissertation, or doctoral projectthrough Aquila, the Document Specialist will review it for formatting guidelines. Your document should already be in the appropriate template. If you have not used a template, your document will be withdrawn and your graduation may be deferred.

When submitting your document, your content should be final and your grammar should be polished. You may not make any changes other than those required by the Graduate School after your first submission. If you make any changes other than those directed, your submission will be withdrawn and your graduation may be deferred.

Your document will be reviewed as quickly as possible, however please be aware that turnaround will increase as semester deadlines approach. You will be contacted via your USM email address once your initial review is complete.

Follow these guidelines after submitting your document:

  • Your document must remain as is and all editing should cease. Only revisions designated by the Documents Specialist is allowed.
  • You will have five (5) working days following the email notification of needed revisions to make the required corrections and to upload your revised document to Aquila.  This process will continue until your document is ready for final submission to Aquila.
  • You should leave the Documents Specialist comments as is (do not change/alter comments).
  • You should only work on the most recent file sent to you by the Documents Specialist.
  • You should make sure all corrections are made.
  • You should recheck each page as revisions can cause content to shift from page to page. As the content shifts, the formatting may need to be readjusted.
  • You should update the Table of Contents, List of Illustrations, etc. once all revisions have been made.
  • You should submit your final revisions by the posted deadline in order to avoid deferring graduation. If the deadline is not met and/or revisions are not made as directed by the Documents Specialist, you will be required to defer graduation.  

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