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Graduate School

Graduate Council Members

Office Name Term
Chair Elect    
Corresponding Secretary/Parliamentarian    
Recording Secretary Mr.%20Greg%20Pierce  


School Member Term
Biological, Environmental, and Earth Sciences Dr.%20YanLin%20Guo 2022
Communication Dr.%20Steven%20Venette 2023
Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering Dr.%20Bikramjit%20Banerjee 2023
Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Security Dr.%20Charles%20Scheer 2023
Humanities Dr.%20Monika%20Gehlawat 2023
Interdisciplinary Studies & Professional Development Dr.%20Jon%20Beedle 2023
Mathematics and Natural Sciences %20Dr.%20Matthew%20Donahue 2023
Music %20Dr.%20Kimberley%20Davis  
Ocean Science and Engineering Dr.%20Alan%20Shiller 2022
Performing Arts & Visual Arts Mr.%20Craig%20Dettman  
Polymer Science and Engineering Dr.%20Jason%20Azoulay 2023
Social Science & Global Studies Dr.%20Troy%20Gibson 2023
School Member Term
Accountancy %20Dr.%20Bob%20Smith 2023
Finance Dr.%20Chad%20Miller 2023
Management Dr.%20Fujun%20Lai 2023
Marketing Dr.%20John%20Miller 2023
School Member Term
Child and Family Sciences Dr.%20Heath%20Grames 2023
Education %20Dr.%20Kyna%20Shelley 2023
Kinesiology and Nutrition Dr.%20Jennifer%20Lemacks 2023
Library and Information Science Dr.%20Stacy%20Creel 2023
Psychology Dr.%20Brad%20Dufrene 2023
Social Work Dr.%20Bret%20Blackmon 2023
School Member Term
 Health Professions %20Dr.%20Amy%20Arrington 2023
Leadership and Advanced Nursing Practice Dr.%20Patsy%20Anderson 2022
Speech and Hearing Science %20Dr.%20C.%20G.%20Marx 2023
Member Title
Dr. Rodney Bennett President
Dr. Steven Moser Provost
Dr. Karen Coats Dean, Graduate School
Dr. John Eye Dean of Libraries
Dr. Chris Winstead Dean, Arts & Sciences
Dr. J. Becton Dean, Business & Economic Development
Dr. Trent Gould Dean, Education & Human Sciences
Dr. Lachel Story Dean, Nursing & Health Professions
Mr. Greg Pierce Registrar


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