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Graduate School

Graduate School Deadlines

 As each semester ends, you are hopefully getting closer to your graduation date. To help you meet your anticipated graduate date, please refer to these deadlines. Missing the deadlines posted below will result in the deferral of your graduation.

All documents should be submitted to the Graduate School, McCain Library, Room 211, by 5:00pm on the date of the posted deadline. If the deadline falls on a weekend, you should submit the required documents on the preceding Friday.

As you are preparing for your anticipated semester of graduation, please refer to the Thesis/Dissertation Checklist. All checklist items should be completed by the time you submit your final thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project.



Deadlines for Spring Graduation Deadlines for Summer Graduation* Deadlines for Fall Graduations

Thesis, Dissertation, or Doctoral Project Proposal Form

Your research topic must be approved by your Graduate Committee and submitted to the Graduate School.

 November 1 April 1  July 1

Application for Graduation

Complete via SOAR. (If admitted before Fall 2017 you should submit your Plan of Study.) No late applications for graduation will accepted.

November 1 April 1 July 1

Doctoral Commencement Program Form

Doctoral candidates only.

February 25 June 14* September 20
Results of Oral Defense March 20 June 14 October 11

Signed Title Page

You may submit your title page via email or on 100% white cotton paper if your program requires a bound copy.

March 20 June 14 October 11

Turnitin Originality Report

Submit your Turnitin report. Verify your committee chair has reviewed and approved your report with the Graduate School via email. If your report exceeds 25%, your chair should also provide a detailed explanation of the results to the Graduate School via email.

March 27 June 21 October 18

Aquila Submission

Submit your final, COMMITTEE approved thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project via Aquila. All committee revisions should be complete. Any changes made after this date will ONLY be at the direction of the Graduate School.

March 27 June 21 October 18

Final Aquila Submission

Submit your final, GRADUATE SCHOOL approved thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project via Aquila. No changes may be made after this date. Unapproved changes will result in withdrawal of document and deferral of graduation.

April 29 July 24 November 28

Survey of Earned Doctorates

Doctoral candidates only.

April 29 July 24 November 28

Comprehensive Exam Results

Students should coordinate their comprehensive exam with their graduate program. Official results should be submitted by your graduate program as soon as grading has been completed.

Masters students: Friday of Exam Week.

Doctoral students: Immediately following completion of coursework.

*Students graduating the Summer term will take part in the Fall Commencement ceremony.



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