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Graduate Student Senate


The purpose of the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is to provide the student perspective to the dean of the Graduate School who serves as its official adviser. It is a voice for all graduate students and an advocate for their concerns and ideas concerning graduate education and graduate students at The University of Southern Mississippi. The Senate is composed of a representative from each program or school nominated by the program or school director. Nominations for the upcoming academic year are solicated during the summer semester.

GSS Representatives (2018-2019)

Accountancy - Aubrey%20Sanders

Anthropology and Sociology - Kaitlin%20Harstine

Biological Sciences - Sara%20Barrett

Business - MaKayla%20Farris

Chemistry and Biochemistry - Alison%20Hart

Child and Family Sciences - Hollie%20White

Coastal Sciences - Caitlin%20Slife

Communication Studies - G.%20Brandon%20Knight

Computing Science and Computer Engineering - Gabriel%20Idakwo

Construction and Design -

Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Security - Zoe%20Livengood

Curriculum and Instruction - Marla Freitag

Economic Development - Mikhail%20Esipov

Education Research and Administration - Kimberly%20Allen

English - Jessica%20Guzman

Geography and Geology -

Higher Education Administration - Tiffany%20Greer

History - John%20Sarvela

Human Capital Development - Tracie%20King

Mass Communication - Jessica%20Love

Kinesiology - Daphne%20Stanford

Leadership and Advanced Nursing Practice -

Library and Information Science - Elaine%20Walker

Marine Science - Courtney%20Bouchard

Mathematics - Haley%20Dozier

Medical Laboratory Science - Brooke%20Lewis

Music - Olivia%20Conforti

Nursing Practice - Ednita%20Fountain

Nutrition and Food Sciences - Cheyenne%20Turner

Physics and Astronomy - Durga%20Paudel

Political Sciecne - Gabriel%20May

Polymer Science and Engineering - Joshua%20Tropp

Psychology - Kray%20Scully

Public Health - Jessica%20Nelson%20Wilson

Science and Mathematics Education - Kendrick%20Buford

Social Work - Lynda%20Torries

Special Education - Caitlin%20Stephens

Speech and Hearing Sciences - Michael%20Brian%20Slater

Speech and Hearing Sciences - Kaylea%20Hurst

Sport Management - Nichada%20Satasuk

Theatre - Joshua%20Rapp

World Languages - Josh%20McDaniel

GSS Meetings

GSS meetings are held on the Third Thursday of each month from noon - 1 p.m. Agenda items are due to the President at least seven working days before the meeting.


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