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Graduate School

Graduation Application

How to Apply for Graduation

Step 1: Verify the pop-up blocker has been turned off.

Step 2: Log into your SOAR account.

Step 3: Select the Student Center Tile.

Screenschot of Student Center Tile in SOAR

Step 4: From the "other academic" menu, select either Application for Certificate or Application for Graduation from the drop down menu.

Screenshot of Other Academic Menu in SOAR



Step 5: Read all application instructions carefully.

Step 6: Enter your post-graduation mailing address; current phone number; whether you are completing a dissertation, thesis, doctoral project, or not applicable; whether this is your first application for graduation*; and your expected term of graduation. Please Note: Diplomas are typically mailed 6-8 weeks after the commencement ceremony. Your post-graduation mailing address should reflect that time frame.

Screenshot of Application Fields in SOAR


Step 7: Once your application populates, review carefully for accuracy. If you received a "SAVED" message, but your application does not appear, your pop-up blocker is still turned on. You will need to turn off your pop-up blocker and start over.

Step 8: Pay Application Fee, collect appropriate signatures, and submit application, proof of payment, and plan of study or degree-progress-report to the Office of the Graduate School in McCain Library by deadline. (Online students may submit their completed application and required documents via email to their advisor for signatures.)

*If you are deferring your graduation, be sure to select "Postpone/Defer application" and enter your updated graduation term.

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