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How to Print out and Submit your Paper Copy

Submitting Department Copy to the Graduate School

  • If your department requires you to submit a physical copy of your thesis, dissertation, or nursing capstone project to the Graduate School, you will need to provide a copy on 100% white cotton paper and forward confirmation of paying the $25 binding fee to the Documents Specialist. Pay fee using the Pay Fees link at
  • You should also have a signed title page on 100% white cotton paper on file with the Graduate School prior to sending the physical copy.
  • The department copy should be submitted to the Graduate School after your document has been finalized in Aquila. Physical copies sent prior to finalization will be rejected.  
  • If your department does not require you to submit a physical copy, you do not need to provide the Graduate School with a copy.
  • For personal copies, you will need to get them bound on your own. The Graduate School does not bind personal copies for students.


How to Print and Deliver Department Copies to the Graduate School


Using the USM Image Center

The image center on campus can print and ship your dissertation to the Graduate School for a fee. You will need to contact the image center and have them print your document on 100% white cotton paper. You can find more information about the Image Center here.


Printing and Shipping the Document on your own

  1. Print the final version of your thesis, dissertation, nursing capstone project using a high-quality laser printer.  All copies should be printed from the Graduate School approved Word/LaTeX document.

  2. Use White, 100% Cotton paper (20-32 lb. weight) for all pages of the document.

  3. Print only on one side of the paper.

  4. Figures, tables, schemes, musical examples, copyright page, etc. that are in color in the electronic file must be printed in color in the paper copy.

  5. Insert a flyleaf at the beginning and end of the document.  Note: a flyleaf is a blank page (using White, 100% cotton 20-32 lb. weight paper) inserted at the beginning of the document and one at the end of the document.

  6. All pages must be submitted in the proper order with all formatting requirements intact.  If your document includes landscaped pages, check to make sure they are printed correctly. 

  7. Package the printed copy of your manuscript as follows:

    • Place the paper copy in a 10x13 or larger envelope.  If your document is too large to fit in a 10x13 envelope, use an 8 ½ x 11 paper box.

    • Do not seal the envelope or tape the paper box.

    • Label the envelope/box using a “copy” of your title page (without signatures) taped securely to the front of the envelope/box. 

  8. Submit the paper copy to the Documents Specialist in McCain Library, room 211 (Hattiesburg Campus).  If you need to mail the paper copy to the Documents Specialist, ship to:

Documents Specialist

USM Graduate School

118 College Drive #5024

Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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