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Progress to Degree and Graduation Forms

You may find the forms below useful over the course of your graduate career career. However, the descriptions below should not be understood to replace the official information found in the Graduate Bulletin. You should familiarize yourself with your admission year's bulletin.

In addition to the forms below, you should review the list of faculty and staff forms, which will be submitted on your behalf throughout your career. While you may not be required to complete or sign those forms, you should prompt your advisor regarding their submission.

If you need to request an official name change, change of address, enrollment verification, or a replacement diploma, visit the Office of the Registrar's forms page.

The PDF forms below should be downloaded to activate the fillable fields, completed, and submitted electronically via email. Forms may be signed electronically before submitting via email or printed, signed, and scanned before submitting via email. If you are signing electronically, please sign using the certificates tool.

Hand completed or hard copy forms will no longer be accepted.

Form Who should sign it? When should you complete it?


Doctoral Students should complete the commencement form to provide information for the commencement program. Please check all spelling and grammar carefully before submitting.

None See Deadlines

Course Retake (PDF):

A student may take no more than one class to improve their GPA. For addition information regarding the Course Retake policy, please refer to the Graduate Bulletin.

Student, Advisor During the semester the course is being retaken.

Committee Request:

Your graduate work is typically directed by a committee of qualified faculty. This committee should be formed early in the your career, and this form should be submitted on your behalf as soon as the committee is formed. Please refer to the Graduate Bulletin for additional information on graduate committees.

Completed on the student's behalf via SOAR Verify submission of committee request once your committee has been formed.

Embargo Agreement (PDF):

An embargo restricts access to your thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project. If you need to extend your embargo, resubmit the Embargo agreement and make the extension request directly to ProQuest after receiving approval.

Student, Committee Chair, School Director No later than submission of final thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project.

Graduation Deferment Request:

If you have already applied for graduation and determine you will not be able to meet the requirements for graduation as expected, you are able to defer your graduation term. To do so, you will need to complete a new application for graduation through your SOAR account. Deferment fees may apply.

  See Deadlines

Leave of Absence (PDF):

Under hardship conditions, students may request an official leave of absence from their graduate program for one or more semesters, as warranted. Please refer to the Graduate Bulletin and these steps to take for more information regarding the Leave of Absence policy.

Pregnant GAs may refer to this policy for additional information regarding their options for maternity leave.

Student, Advisor, Graduate Director/Coordinator, School Director, Office of ISS (international students only) As soon as possible

Survey of Earned Doctorates:

The SED is a national census of all individuals earning a research doctorate from accredited US institutions. Students earning their doctorate should complete this survey.

None Upon completion of application for graduation.

Graduate Out of Career (PDF):

You may be advised or desire to take undergraduate courses to satisfy competency requirements. Out of career courses do not count towards hour requirements for graduate study, nor will they accrue quality points or be calculated in your GPA. The Graduate School will enroll you in your requested course(s) upon approval. Please refer to the Graduate Bulletin for additional information regarding permission to enroll in out fo career courses

Student, Advisor, Course Instructor Before enrolling in undergraduate course(s).

Undergraduate Out of Career (PDF):

Undergraduate students at USM who meet the GPA requirements for regular graduate admission may be granted permission to enroll in graduate level coursework if within 12 hours of meeting bachelor's degree requirements. The Graduate School will enroll students in their requested course(s) upon approval. Please refer to Graduate Bulletin for additional information regarding permission to enroll in out of career courses.

Student, Advisor, Course Instructor Before enrolling in graduate course(s).

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