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Steps to Completion


These steps are to assist you with the completion of your Thesis, Dissertation, or Doctoral Project. Please see The Graduate School deadlines for the last day these steps must be completed.

Be familiar with the Graduate School deadlines, templates, and instructions available on the Graduate School web page. These resources are available to help you complete your dissertation, thesis, or doctoral project in a timely manner.

The Committee Form will be submitted on your behalf via SOAR. You will receive an email notification once it has been received. If any changes are made to your committee, be sure to verify the submission of a new form with your committee chair.

You must propose at least one (1) semester prior to thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project defense. Proposal form will be completed by the committee and submitted to the Degree Auditor. Please confirm the submission of the proposal form with your committee.

Your Application for Graduation should be completed via SOAR. Submit the completed application along with graduation fee receipt to your Degree Auditor. See deadlines for the last day to apply for graduation. Late applications will not be accepted.

The commencement form provides the Documents Specialist with information for the commencement program. You should complete the form during your graduating semester.

The defense form should be completed by your committee and submitted to your Degree Auditor. Please confirm the submission of the defense form with your committee.

Submit committee approved document to Aquila for the Graduate School review. Emailed submissions will not be accepted.

Please confirm with the Documents Specialist the completion of the Aquila submission.

Form must be submitted before the Documents Specialist reviews the student’s Aquila submission. Late submission of form can result in delay in document format review and finalization.

Please confirm the submission of the form with the Documents Specialist.

The document must be accepted in Aquila with no further Graduate School revisions and all requirements detailed in the Final Checklist will need to be completed. Please confirm with the Documents Specialist that requirements have been met.

Doctoral Candidates are required to complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates during their graduating semester. You should forward your certificate of SED completion to the Documents Specialist.


If you have questions about formatting your thesis, dissertation, or nursing capstone project or you want to schedule a template tutorial, contact Jon Snyder, Communications & Documents Specialists, at 601.266.4372 or via email at Jonathan.SnyderFREEMississippi.

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