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Students are required to use one of the following USM Templates for formatting their dissertation, thesis, or doctoral project. For more information regarding template features, please review the Document Guidelines.

Template 1 - Used by students in non-STEM fields. The template may cater to the needs of some scientific fields.

Template 2 - Used by Creative Writers and other fields that require a creative project.

Template 3 - Used by students in STEM fields.

Template 4 - Used by students in the School of Music.

Title Page with Signature - Optional signature page for bound copies and personal records

LaTeX - Only students in the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences have permission to use LaTeX for their thesis or dissertation. Contact the Documents Specialist for the LaTeX template files.

 If you have questions or need additional assistance regarding formatting or using templates for your thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project, please contact Michaela Donohue, Communications and Document Specialist at 601.266.4372 or via email at michaela.donohueFREEMississippi.

 Templates updated as of May 2020

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