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Thesis/Dissertation/Doctoral Project Final Submission Checklist


The below items are necessary to complete the final submission of a dissertation, thesis, or doctoral project. Failure to complete the required items by the posted deadline will result in a deferral of graduation.  

Continue to monitor your USM student email after completing these items.

Required Items

Item 1: Upload the final approved document to Aquila with all revisions complete by the posted deadline.

  • Check converted pdf file to verify that no additional formatting changes need to be made.
  • Only formatting changes can be made after a document has been accepted into Aquila.
  • Changes to content after document has been accepted will result in document being withdrawn.

Item 2: Complete Survey of Earned Doctorates (Doctoral Students Only)

Item 3: Prepare a bound copy of document (skip this if School does not require a bound copy).

  • One high-quality, laser paper copy (on 100% white cotton paper 20-32 lb. weight) must be submitted to the Documents Specialist in the Graduate School.  See the Graduate School Document Guidelines for more details about printing and submitting your paper copy to the Graduate School. 
  • A signed title page on 100% white cotton paper should be on file with the Graduate School.

Item 4: Embargo Dissertation, Thesis, or Doctoral Project

  • If you plan to withhold the release of your document into Aquila, or indicated in Aquila that you plan to embargo, please complete the embargo form below and submit an electronic copy to the document specialist via email at documentspecialistFREEMississippi. Hard copies of the embargo form will no longer be accepted.
  • The embargo form can be found here


Optional Items

The following items are not required nor covered by Graduate School fees. Students must initiate the process and are responsible for all fees associated the services mentioned.

Item 1: File for Copyright

Item 2: Submit to ProQuest

  • Click here to go to ProQuest's website.

Item 3: Bind Personal Copies

  • Some bindery options include ProQuest, Thesis on Demand, and Bourne Brothers (Hattiesburg). You are not limited to these options.

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