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Turnitin Instructions for Dissertations, Theses, and Doctoral Projects

Students are required to submit their dissertation, thesis, or doctoral project through Turnitin prior to submitting the document to Aquila for the Graduate School review.

The Graduate School hosts a Turnitin class that students should use to submit their document. The Graduate School class is only for dissertations, theses, and doctoral projects. For other papers and assignments, consult your program or instructor for their Turnitin instructions.

Originality reports should first be submitted to your committee chair for review and approval. Once approved, the committee chair should then submit the report to the Document Specialist. In the event the originality report exceeds 25%, the committee chair will need to provide justification by sending an email or memo to the Documents Specialist.

Keep in mind:

  • Turnitin may flag the title page, copyright page, and other preliminary pages as plagiarized due to several students publishing their document using the template.
  • The Documents Specialist will not penalize students if Turnitin flags the preliminary pages due to template formatting.
  • If the document was submitted through a different Turnitin course or other originality software, the account administrator or instructor of that course will need to clear the submission before the document is submitted through the Graduate School’s course. The document will be marked as 100% plagiarized if the submission is not cleared before submitting to the Graduate School course.

Both Class ID and Enrollment Key are required to enroll in the Turnitin course.

The Class ID for Fall 2020 is 25420926.

To request the Class Enrollment Key, contact the Document Specialist at using your USM email address. The enrollment key will not be send to non-USM email accounts. Requests for Enrollment Keys will be filled during regular business hours, Monday-Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, excluding University holidays.

Creating a Turnitin Account

If you do not already have a Turnitin account, you will need to create one for the purposes of submitting your dissertation, thesis, or doctoral project. Before creating an account, you will need to contact the Documents Specialist (documentspecialistFREEMississippi) to request the enrollment key.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the "Create Account" link in the upper-right hand corner.Screenshot of Create Account Button
  3. Select student from the list of account creation options.Screenshot of Student Account Creation link
  4. Enter the Class ID. (See above for the current Class ID.)Screenshot of Class ID field
  5. Enter the Enrollment Key. (Contact the Documents Specialist at documentspecialistFREEMississippi for the enrollment key.)Screenshot of Class Enrollment Key field
  6. Complete the rest of the account creation fields and create your profile.Screenshot of Create Profile

Originality Report

Once you have created your new account or logged into your existing account (and enrolled in the Graduate School course), you will need to upload your document and submit your document to run and download an originality report.

  1. After enrolling in the Class or creating a new account, click on the "Class Name" to navigate to the submission page.
  2. Click on the blue "Submit" button.Screenshot of submit button
  3. Title the submission and upload your file by selecting "Choose from this Computer."
  4. Select your file and click "Upload."
  5. After the file has finished processing (which may take several minutes) click "Confirm."
  6. Return to the assignment list to view the originality percentage.Screenshot of originality percentage
  7. Once the similarity percentage appears, you can click on the blue percentage number to view the Turnitin report. The report will include information on any suspected plagiarism, including highlighting suspected sections and providing details of the original source.
  8. To download the report, click on the download button in the right hand tool bar.Screenshot of download tool bar
  9. Select "Current View" to begin downloading report.
  10. Save report and email to your committee chair for review.

Visit the Writing Center or contact the Documents Specialist at 601.266.4372 or via email at documentspecialistFREEMississippi for additional information regarding Turnitin.

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