Progress to Degree and Graduation Forms

NOTE: The pdf forms on this page are fillable. However, you must download and save them to activate fillable fields function. The download button appears at the top right side of the computer screen. 

Handwritten copies can not be accepted.

  • Commencement Form-A form that provides the documents specialist with information that will go into the commencement program (doctoral students only)
  • Course Retake-Listing a class that has been repeated for increase in GPA (send to advisor upon completion of form)
  • Embargo Agreement-For delaying publication of your thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project in Aquila
  • Committee Request -To be filled out and given to your degree auditor as soon as your dissertation, thesis, or project committee is formed (must submit before proposal)
  • Graduation Deferment Form-For delaying your graduating semester
  • Leave of Absence-Submit if you have circumstances that prevent you from maintaining active status
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates-Doctoral students must complete this survey during their graduating semester (this is not the same as the exit survey done in SOAR)




Forms to be completed via your SOAR Account

  • Application for Degree- An application that you must fill out to graduate. Click here for more information about the application. 

Forms to be completed by your advisor or school

Links to forms can be found under Faculty and Staff

  • Change of Status-Any change to student program plan such as change in emphasis, degree, or admit status
  • Comprehensive & Qualifying Exam Results-Indicates student completion on either exam
  • Course Substitution-Listing when one class substitutes for another
  • Oral Defense Results-Indicates student completion of defense of thesis, dissertation, or nursing capstone project
  • Revalidation Request-Requesting approval by the Dean of the Graduate School for a student to revalidate classes for graduation
  • Revalidation Verification-Results of revalidation  
  • Thesis, Dissertation, Doctoral Project Proposal/Prospectus Approval-Indicates student completion of proposal/prospectus (committee form must be on file with Grad School)
  • Transfer Credit Approval-Requesting classes taken at another institution to count toward student degree