You must use one of the following USM Templates for your dissertation, thesis, or doctoral project. Your document will not be accepted by the Graduate School if not placed into one of the templates. For more information regarding the differences between the templates see the Document Guidelines.

Template 1 - Template for those who need their tables ordered sequentially (ex. Table 1, 2, 3, etc.). Used by Humanities and some scientific fields.

Template 2 - Used by Creative Writers

Template 3 - Mostly used by STEM fields. Tables are ordered sequentially by chapter (ex. Table 1.1, 1.2, 2.1,etc.). Contains a List of Schemes.

Template 4 - Similar to Template 1 but contains a section for a List of Schemes and List of Musical Examples

LaTeX - Only used by those whose departments use LaTeX. Contact the Documents Specialist for the LaTeX template files.

Title Page- The title page has already been inserted into the four templates. Title page has been separated for those using an early version of the template or using LaTex. Title Page updated as of July 2018.


If you have questions or need additional assistance regarding formatting or using templates for your thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project, please contact Michaela Donohue, Communications and Document Specialist at 601.266.4372 or via email at michaela.donohue@usm.edu.


Templates updated as of July 2018