Here you will find links to forms used in your reporting to Greek Life. The links are categorized to help you find them easier.



Service and Philanthropy is reported through the forms below and in partnership with the Office of Community and Civic Engagement. Chapters must utilize this system in order to receive proper credit.

      *Some things to note:

  1. Service is measured in HOURS, Philanthropy is measured in dollars ($).

  2. "Total service hours" is calculated in this manner: multiply the number of hours worked on a project by the number of members participating in said project [e.g. 4 members participate in a project that lasted 4 hours.  Each member stayed the whole time.  4 x 4 = 16 hours total]

  3. Donations of clothing, canned good, etc. are NOT considered community service.  They are philanthropic donations which can be evaluated by adding the approximate cost of the items donated.

  4.    Click Here to access the Service and Philanthropy Reporting Form

      5.    Click Here to access the Calendar Addition Form

      6.    Click Here to access the Special Event Promotion Form


Organization Information Form

This form is required of all organizations to be registered to host events and meetings on campus through the Office of Leadership and Student Involvement. You must update this form each calendar year.

As your organization's leadership changes throughout the school year, please submit this form to submit changes to Leadership and Student Involvement



All On-Campus Events must be registered through Leadership and Student Involvement. The links for all forms are found below.

If you're planning to host an event on campus where the primary goal is not social in nature, then fill out this form. Examples include but are not limited to: regular meetings in reservable spaces (Union Complex, Shoemaker Square, Payne Center, etc), Philanthropic fundraising or awareness, competitions, brotherhood/sisterhood events, Field days, parent weekends, etc.

If you're planning to host an event on campus where the primary goal is social (with alcohol), then fill out this form


All Off-Campus Events are expected to submit the below forms in accordance with Greek Life policy.

Greek Life Social Event Documentation Post-Event Form Due no later than 48 hours after the event concludes. Failure to complete the form will result in the chapter being sent to the council judicial board for sanctions.          

In addition, please utilize the FIPG Event Checklist and the Social_Event_Documentation_Addendum forms to assist you in planning your event.




Roster Update form

          *please note: Cut off for roster changes to affect grade roster is November 1 (fall term) and April 1 (spring term).



Honors, Awards, and Special Recognition Form

          *Please use this form to submit your major awards (regional & national) or accomplishments. The form will be utilized by our public relations interns to help promote your chapters.