Meet the Fraorities


Omicron Tau Delta ("OTD")

Colors: Red, Yellow and Blue

Motto: Ho Telos Diana (The purpose is to succeed)

Core Values: Service, Scholarship, Unity

Mascot: none

Flower: none


* * Fall 2011 CHAPTER OF THE YEAR * *



Phi Gamma Beta ("Phi Beta")

Colors: Green and Gold

Motto: "You have a friend in me"

Core Values: Friendship, Honor, Pride, Faith

Mascot: none

Flower: none



Kappa Phi Lambda ("Kappa Lambda")

Colors: Teal, Gold and White

Motto: "Bindng together with friendship, with an abundance of leadership, bearing pure hearts."

Core Values: Servant leadership, Encouraging others, Commitment to excellence, Promote spiritual, social, intellectual, and moral welfare

Mascot: Whale

Flower: Magnolia


Beta Chi

Colors: Blue, Brown and Gold

Motto: Better Life

Core Values: Do all things for the betterment of our individual self, our fraority brothers and sisters, and the fraority as the whole.

Mascot: Bear

Flower: none

Alpha Phi Tau

Colors: Blue and Gold

Motto: "Aiming to build leaders through love, honor, and friendship"

Core Values: Love, Honor, Friendship

Mascot: Double-Headed Eagle

Flower: none



Sigma Kappa Beta



Core Values: 



* * Fall 2012 CHAPTER OF THE YEAR * *



Upsilon Sigma Mu ("USM")

Colors: Green and Gold

Motto: Aiming to the Top!

Core Values: Academic Excellence, Selfless service, Endless Unity

Mascot: Giraffe

Flower: Fleur de Lis

* * Spring 2011 Chapter of the Year * *