Campus Sustainability Month

Campus Sustainability Month is packed full of various sustainability programming.

WHEN:   October 2016 



  • Climate Change Panel, October, 4th, 6:30pm in the Thad Cochran Center 216.  Join Dr. Mark Puckett, Chair of Geography and Geology, Dr. Mark Klinedinst, Professor Emeritus of Economics, and Dr. Will Watson and Dr. Bill Curtis of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby as we discuss climate change from scientific, economic, political, and social perspectives.  Refreshments to follow. 
  • Swap Table, October 5th and 6th, 11:00am - 1:00pm, Shoemaker Square.  Bring an item, take an item; no money needed!  Trading and reusing goods saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint by extending the life cycle of goods and keeping usable material out of the landfill.  Plus, it's fun!
  • Stream Friendly Coffee, October 14th, Hosted by Biological Sciences, 11:00am, Polymer Science Auditorium.  Dr. Rebeca Dejesus-Crespo will lecture on the topic "Stream Friendly Coffee: Collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance™ to advance stream protection in tropical agroforestry systems".
  • Sweet Potato Drop, October 15th, 8:00am - 12:00pm, Payne Center Parking Lot.  The Center for Community and Civic Engagement will be partnering with the Society of St. Andrew to distribute sweet potatoes from Mississippi farmers to local charities serving those in need.  These unmarketable potatoes would otherwise be headed for the landfill, as they were either left in the field after mechanized harvest, or cosmetically unacceptable for commercial sale.  The Society of St. Andrew fights against food waste, hunger, and climate change simultaneously.  Come out and support their efforts!  For more information, contact
  • Vegetarian Cooking Class, October 17th, 5:30pm - 6:30pm.  In this free class, you will learn about the health and sustainability benefits of meatless meals, while nutrition graduate student Lydia Nickens shows you how to prepare two of her delicious recipes.  CLASS IS FULL
  • Food Waste Tabling, October 18th and 19th, 11:00am - 1:00pm, Fresh Food Company.  Office of Sustainability staff will be on hand to discuss issues with food waste, and how that affects us as a campus, nation, and planet.
  • Water Taste Testing Challenge, October 25th, 11:00am - 1:00pm, Thad Cochran Center Lobby.  Stop by our table and test your taste buds!  Many people say they drink bottled water because it tastes better than tap.  We challenge you to tell the difference!
  • Social Justice Fair, October 27th, 10:00am - 1:00pm, Shoemaker Square.  Organizations from campus and the wider community will be sharing their messages of respect, dignity, equality and justice Discover volunteer opportunities, show your support, or simply get informed about social justice issues.


See pdf poster here.