Earth Week 2016

Earth Week is a week long set of programming and events coordinated by the Office of Sustainability to celebrate sustainability and educate students and faculty of the University of Southern Mississippi of its importance. 

Monday (4/22)

Meatless Monday - Go without meat for a day to learn about eating a sustainable diet!

Mock Oil Spill - 11AM to 1PM - Weathersby Lawn

Southern Miss Farmer's Market - 3PM to 6PM - Baptist Student Union Lawn

Tuesday (4/23)

Trashless Tuesday - Challenge yourself to create as little waste as possible through recycling for a day!

Office of Sustainability Recycling Lecture - 12:15PM to 1PM - TCC Ballroom I

Wednesday (4/24)

Water Wednesday - Use water conservatively for a day to learn about the importance of sustainable water practices!

Bottled vs. Tap Water Tasting Station - 11:30AM to 1PM - Shoemaker Square

Thursday (4/25)

Transit Thursday - Challenge yourself to avoid using your vehicle for a day to travel sustainably!

Friday (4/26)

Finale Friday - Put all of the previous day's best practices in effect to lead a truly sustainable lifestyle!

Okatoma Clean Water Project - All Day - To attend, contact CCCE at 601.266.5074

Conscious Living Information Station - 10AM to 3PM - Shoemaker Square

Town Hall Meeting - 5PM to until - Hall of Honors, RC Cook Union