Mississippi State University

Core Competencies Relevant to CGS

Full Core Competencies Document [pdf]

Geosystems Research Institute

  • Development and use of remote sensing systems – phenomenology, platforms, sensors, and remotely sensed data verification and validation
  • Exploitation and development of computational modeling
  • Invasive Species
  • Cyberinfrastructure development: Hardware, software, and practices which provide data acquisition, storage, management, integration, mining, and  visualization plus other information processing services distributed over network beyond the scope of a single organization.
  • Development of effective and user-driven Decision Support Tools
  • Data, signal, and image processing, including data fusion and data to decision
  • Big Data Issues
  • Visualization of large and heterogeneous data, especially atmospheric, oceanographic, and terrestrial data
  • Risk, uncertainty modeling and visualization, in particular quantization and visualization of uncertainty in meteorology simulations and translation of uncertainty into risk assessments suitable for management action.
  • Integrating geosciences and engineering, translating geospatial technologies and skills into useful tools, and transitioning science and technology into practice to support our stakeholders and improve policy and public awareness.
  • Geospatial Education and Outreach

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (competencies not mentioned in GRI section)

Geosciences Department

Water Resources Research Institute

Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Department

Plant and Soil Sciences

Physics Department

Center for Computational Sciences

Coastal Research and Extension Center

CVM Basic Sciences

State Chemistry Laboratory

Institute for Clean Energy Technologies

Social Science Research Center

Department of Agricultural Economics