Partner Institutions


Each partner has unique strengths which CGS will build on and leverage synergistic opportunities.  CGS will capitalize on major infrastructure funded by RESTORE ACT 1603.

University of Southern Mississippi (Lead)

OOS (e.g., ROVs, AUVs, HFR), remote sensing, ocean modeling for forecasts and nowcasts, marine technology development, ecosystem stressors, climate dynamics and coastal response, fisheries, public outreach

—University of Mississippi

OOS (e.g., portable seafloor systems, dissolved oxygen sensors, AUVs, ROVs) , seafloor exploration, biotechnology/natural products, impacts of oil and gas, hydrates research and cabled observatory, acoustics, composite development, Sea Grant Law Center, computational hydroscience

—Mississippi State University

remote sensing, computation modeling, visualization, data management, sensor development, fisheries, oil spill and remediation research, ocean economics

—Jackson State University

remote sensing/image processing, visualization, GIS, atmospheric modeling, bioinformatics