RESTORE and the Centers of Excellence

Under the RESTORE Act, 2.5% of the Clean Water Act fines levied for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill are to be contributed to the Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund, and dedicated to Research Centers of Excellence in each of the five Gulf States. The Center for Gulf Studies partnership has submitted to the State of Mississippi a proposal to serve as the Research Center of Excellence. This proposal pulls together the vast intellectual capacity of Mississippi’s four major research universities and will leverage their capabilities with additional resources from a very broad cross-section of participants with interest and expertise in any of the five disciplines in the RESTORE Act.

The Five RESTORE Disciplines for the Centers of Excellence

  1. Coastal and deltaic sustainability, restoration, and protection, including solutions and technology that allow citizens to live in a safe and sustainable manner in a coastal delta in the Gulf region
  2. Coastal fisheries and wildlife ecosystem research and monitoring in the Gulf Coast region
  3. Offshore energy development, including research and technology, to improve the sustainable and safe development of energy resources in the Gulf of Mexico
  4. Sustainable and resilient growth, economic and commercial development in the Gulf Coast region
  5. Comprehensive observation, monitoring, and mapping

Additional Information

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