Summer Speaker Series

The INFINITY Science Center invites the public, both young and old, to come out this summer and meet with some of the leading researchers in the world studying the Gulf of Mexico.  INFINITY is hosting the First Annual Center for Gulf Studies (CGS) Summer Speaker Series every Monday this summer beginning June 10th. Researchers associated with the CGS will talk on what they are learning and discovering about the Gulf and its importance to our living, playing, and working in and around its waters. The talks will include discussions about the BP Oil Spill and its impacts, giant Blue Fin Tuna, the strange and fascinating deep sea environment, Whale Sharks, monitoring the Gulf from space, advance autonomous undersea vehicles (AUV), and much more. The series will begin with Dr. Monty Graham, head of CGS and Chair of the USM Marine Science Department discussing why we must study the gulf.
About the Center for Gulf Studies ( On March 7th, 2013 Governor Phil Bryant officially designated the Center for Gulf Studies as Mississippi’s Research Center of Excellence under the RESTORE Act passed by Congress following the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The CGS, a partnership of Mississippi research universities and led by The University of Southern Mississippi, seeks sound, comprehensive science and technology-based understanding of chronic and acute stressors, both man-made and natural, on the dynamic and productive waters and habitats of the northern Gulf of Mexico and seeks to facilitate sustainable use of the Gulf's important resources. In addition to USM, partners of CGS include the University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, Jackson State University. State and federal partners include the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Mississippi’s Department of Marine Resources, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Navy, NASA, and the U.S. Geological Survey.
For more information on this exciting speaker series visit the INFINITY website at:
The following is the current speaker line-up:

  • 6/10 –  Dr. Monty Graham “Why we must study the Gulf”
  • 6/17 –  Dr. Alan Shiller “What’s in the Water?”
    Rear Admiral (Ret.) Ken Barbor “Charting the Coastal Waters in the 21st Century”
  • 6/24 –  Dr. Bob Arnone “Forget Predicting the Weather, try Predicting the Oceans!”
  • 7/1 – Dr. Scott Milroy
  • 7/8 – Dr. Vernon Asper “Observing beneath the Waves”
  • 7/15 – Dr. Jim Franks “Blue Fin Tuna in the Gulf – From Larvae to Giants”
  • 7/22 – Dr. Frank Hernandez “Sargassum – Seaweed Islands in the Gulf”
  • 7/29 – Dr. Jeffery Lotz “Marine Aquaculture – Stocking the Gulf”
  • 8/5 – PhD candidate Jill Hendon “Sharks of the Gulf”
  • 8/12 – Dr. Read Hendon “Gulf Fisheries – The Seafood We Eat”
  • 8/19 – Dr. Kelly Lucas (Chief Scientist at DMR)