University of Southern Mississippi

Core Competencies Relevant to CGS

Full Core Competencies Document [pdf]

The University of Southern Mississippi has a number of academic divisions and research centers relevant to the Center for Gulf Studies mission of marine technology application and development. USM research includes fundamental basic research, but the following research themes specifically highlight core areas of applied research specifically to both technology and the use of technology to solve economically important problems relevant to CGS mission.

Division of Marine Science

  • Ocean Observing Systems
  • Ocean Modeling and Forecasting
  • Marine Technology and Sensor Development
  • Marine Ecosystems and Responses to Stressors
  • Past and Present Ocean-Climate Dynamics and Coastal Response

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory and Division of Coastal Sciences

  • Marine and Coastal Fisheries and Fisheries Oceanography
  • Marine Aquaculture
  • Pathobiology and Microbial Ecology
  • Environmental and Marine Toxicology
  • Population Dynamics, Genetics, and Economics Modeling
  • Paleontology and Taphonomy
  • Public Outreach

Department of Geography and Geology

Department of Biology

  • Coastal observatories for migratory birds

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Methane hydrate chemistry

Gulf Coast Geospatial Center (GCGC)