2015 Students' Choice Award

The inaugural Gulf Park Students’ Choice Award was presented to Dr. Elizabeth Holman, College of Nursing, at Employee Appreciation Day Feb. 12, 2015!  This award recognizes outstanding customer service by faculty and staff.  Students nominated faculty and staff members for the award and the honoree was then be selected by student body vote. 

Nominees for the Students' Choice Award were expected to:

  • Express respect, care, and genuine concern for students;
  • Create an atmosphere where students can participate in their learning experience;
  • Empower students to become leaders;
  • Go above and beyond normal expectations that students have for faculty and staff;
  • Contribute to students’ success for the betterment of the Southern Miss Gulf Park Campus.

2015 Students' Choice Award Photo Gallery

2015 Students' Choice Award Recipient: Dr. Elizabeth Holman

Dr. Elizabeth Holman, recipients of Students Choice Award

Above, left to right, is Dr. Steve Miller, Vice President of the Gulf Park Campus, Dr. Elizabeth Holman, Assistant Clinical Professor in College of Nursing and recipient of the Students' Choice Award, and Dr. Rodney Bennett, President of The University of Southern Mississippi.

For more information, contact the Office of the Vice President, Gulf Park Campus, at 228.865.4531 or email gpvp@usm.edu.