Adjunct Faculty FAQ

Where do I find my class rosters, and how often are they updated to reflect adds/drops? 

Answer: Class rosters are available in SOAR. Log-in to SOAR, click Self Service, click Faculty Center, click My Schedule, click Class Roster (first icon under "My Teaching Schedule").  Class rosters are updated as formal withdrawal forms are submitted over the course of the semester.



I have printed materials that need to be digitized for use in Blackboard: whom do I call to get help? 

Answer: Please contact your department manager.



I have been hired to teach an online course, but when I log-in to Blackboard my course does not appear under My Blackboard: how do I get help? 

Answer: If you do not see your course in Blackboard, contact the Learning Enhancement Center.  Please follow the ( and look under #s in mini-directory).



When and how will I be paid and what paperwork do I need to submit? 

Answer: At the end of each month, payment will be made. (  Contracts will be sent out by your department office manager at the start of the semester.  Please double-check with the office manager to ensure your information has been entered in the payroll system.  You can access your paystub via the Self Service/Payroll section in SOAR (



What things should I do at the start of every semester? 

Answer: A partial list of such duties includes sending current contact info to Department Secretary, preparing and sending syllabus to Department Secretary, establishing office hours as determined on a department-by-department basis.  Contact your program coordinator for more information.



Does the University offer formal orientation sessions for adjunct faculty? 

Answer: Yes, orientation sessions are held the week before the start of every semester. Please contact your department office manager to find out when and where these sessions are held.



How do I post grades and how often should I post them? 

Answer: For both midterm and final grades, use SOAR to post student grades. Online instructors using Blackboard can also post individual assignment grades. To learn more, contact the Learning Enhancement Center (



How and where do I sign up for professional development workshops or courses, particularly for my online classes? 

Answer: The Learning Enhancement Center offers periodic workshops covering online course management and course design. For more information contact the Learning Enhancement Center (



How do I access the Online Course Management System? 

Answer: The Learning Enhancement Center ( will help you set up your course shell and access the system.
When entering midterm grades on SOAR, I see a reference to Student Early Alert: what does this mean, and where can I learn more about it? 

Answer: Student Early Alert is a formal communication tool for faculty and staff to help identify and intervene on behalf of students who exhibit risk factors and face withdrawal from the University because of personal, academic, or financial issues. To learn how to use this tool, visit



As an adjunct instructor how many classes may I teach per semester, or per year? 

Answer: 18 hours per academic year, with no more than six hours in a given semester.



Where do I call to find out if inclement weather has caused the university to cancel or postpone classes? 

Answer: To ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff, the University maintains the Eagle Alert emergency notification system. Signing up for this service provides voicemail and text messages regarding temporary shutdowns and other emergent situations. To sign up, visit However, you may also call your Department Secretary or Program Coordinator to see if your class schedule has been affected by bad weather.



Do I need a parking tag? 

Answer: All faculty must display a valid parking tag when parking on University property. To get a complimentary adjunct tag, please contact your department office manager.  You may also use parking spaces designated as “faculty only.”



My understanding is that final exams take place at the same time and in the same place as my regular classroom instruction: is this true, or does the university issue final exam schedules that deviate from the semester schedule? 

Answer: The Division of Student Affairs prepares a final exam schedule each semester. All classes should meet during the scheduled time in their regular assigned room. For more information, contact Ann Billings by email at To view the final exam schedule, click here.



Must I use an assigned textbook for the course(s) I teach, or do I choose my own texts? 

Answer: Please contact your Department Chair or Program Coordinator.