Tuition and Fees

The University requires that one-half of a student's total fees be paid in order to charge to their account.  Students with university loans, grants or scholarships may use those funds as payment for the first half of total fees.  Loans, grants, scholarships and checks made payable to the University must be applied to fees in full before a refund can be issued.

Tuition and Fees Chart for 2017 and 2018 Academic Years

Full-time General Tuition and Fees
  • Undergraduate tuition is $338 per semester hour
  • Graduate tuition is $451 per semester hour


Full-time Non-Resident Fee

  • Non-Resident fee is in addition to the general tuition listed above


 Special Fees

Capital Improvement Fee ($1.67/hr up to $35 for full-time students)

Late Registration Fee (non-refundable)



Student Activities Fee ($2.23/hr up to $20 for full-time students)

Student Identification Card for first-time students



In addition to the general tuition, some courses are assigned special fees.  A complete listing of these courses is available in the Special Fees and Expenses section of the University Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins.

Fees are in accordance with the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning and are subject to change without notice.