Allan Eickelmann, D.Min.


Dr. Eickelmann CV

Favorite Quote: “Courage consists almost entirely of the ability to make decisions.” -- Paul Tillich

Allan W. Eickelmann, earned the B.A. from Northern Illinois University; the M.Div., from Bethany Theological Seminary; the A.M. from The University of Chicago, the M.S. from George Williams College and the D.Min. from McCormick Theological Seminary.  He was awarded the first John Randall Hunt award for outstanding D.Min thesis by the faculty of the seminary.  His thesis integrated insights from the subdisciplines of ecclesiology, church history and Biblical studies, with the fields of organizational behavior and organizational development.  Virtually all of Dr. Eickelmann’s graduate work was interdisciplinary in nature.  He holds his formal appointment in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, and is the advisor for the Interdisciplinary bachelor degree program for the gulf coast campus.  In 2005, he served as lead editor of the multidisciplinary volume, Justice and Violence, published by Ashgate.  His paper, “The Place of Interdisciplinary Studies at USM” was selected for presentation at the 34th annual conference of the Association for Integrative Studies in October of 2012.  He has created five religious studies courses for the curriculum.  His areas of concentration, such as religion and violence, and the American religious experience rely on insights from philosophy, sociology, political science and psychology.  He is currently working on a typology of religiously motivated violence.  His loves include, first and foremost his wife Margene Minor, traditional jazz, his cats, his dog and the city of New Orleans.