Christopher D. Foley, Ph.D.

Christopher Foley is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he teaches primarily on the Gulf Park campus. Dr. Foley’s research agenda focuses on the environmental implications of early modern theatrical performance practices. He is currently at work on two book projects, the first of which analyzes the dramaturgical techniques by which early modern playwrights foregrounded the relationship between vulnerable bodies and wider urban environments for their earliest London audiences. His second project, tentatively entitled Limits of the Stage, Limits of the Human, examines performances of animality on the early modern stage. Dr. Foley has published recent articles in Early Modern Literary Studies and for the Map of Early Modern London, which contextualize literature and drama produced in London during the 16th and 17th centuries in relation to the civic challenges of contemporary waste-management.



“Marlowe’s Edward II and ‘The Woful Lamentation of Jane Shore’: Tactical Engagements with Sewers in Late-Elizabethan London.” Early Modern Literary Studies Special Issue 23: Christopher Marlowe: Identities, Traditions, Afterlives (December 2014).

“Sewage and Waste Management.” The Map of Early Modern London. Ed. Janelle Jenstad. Victoria: University of Victoria (February 2016).