Damon Franke

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Damon Franke, Associate Professor of English.  Prior to arriving at USM Gulf Coast in 2004, Damon did his graduate work in English at the University of Iowa (Ph.D. 2003) and the University of Georgia (M.A. 1995).  As an undergraduate, he majored in history at UC Berkeley.  Damon teaches a wide-variety of courses on literature, writing, and critical analysis, and he strives to bring literature to life for his students.  Some of his recent courses include American Literature and Culture of the 1990s, and Literature of New Orleans and Southern Mississippi.  His study of modernism, Modernist Heresies: British Literary History, 1883-1924, was published in 2008 by Ohio State UP, and his articles and reviews have appeared in Studies in the Novel, The James Joyce Quarterly, The Journal of Narrative Theory, Nineteenth-Century Prose, English Language Notes, and SubStance.  He is currently working on two book projects: a study of the philosophy of “becoming” in the works of James Joyce, and a genealogy of environmental thought in Edwardian literature with the working title The Organic Edwardians.  He is also the sponsor of the Gulf Coast chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society.


B.A. University of California, Berkeley
M.A. University of Georgia
Ph.D. University of Iowa


Late Victorian and Modern British literature, modernism, Irish Studies, discourse history, narratology, the Pre-Raphaelites, the Bloomsbury Group, literatures of the environment


"The Resurrection of Being in the Ricorso of Finnegans Wake." James Joyce Quarterly 45.1 (Fall 2007):115-32.

“Hardy’s Ur-Priestess and the Phases of a Novel.” Studies in the Novel 39.2 (Summer 2007): 161-76.

"The 'Curious' Pagan Spirit of Pater's The Renaissance." Nineteenth-Century Prose 31.1 (2004): 170-90.

"In the 'nummifeed confusionary': Reading the Negative Confession of Finnegans Wake ." The Journal of
Narrative Theory 30.1 (Winter 2000): 55-95.

"The Cardinal Lemoine Typescripts and the Narrative Cover-up of 'My Old Man.'" English Language
Notes 37.1 (September 1999): 64-72.


Graduate Seminar: Modernism and Totality

Graduate Seminar: British Literatures of the Environment (with Nicolle Jordan)

Senior Seminar: Edwardian Literatures of the Environment

Senior Seminar: Generation X Literature and Culture
Survey of British Literature, 1790 to present: The Utopian Unconscious

Survey of the Modern Novel: Synthesis and the Synthetic

Studies in British Literature: Religion and the Origins of Modernism

Studies in British Literature: The Life and Works of James Joyce

Survey of the Modern Novel: Turn of the Century Adventure and Romance

Introduction to Poetry: Beauty, Being, Verse
Introduction to Drama

Analysis of Literature: How To Do Things with Words
World Literature: Paths to Enlightenment

Rhetoric and Composition: The Composition of Values

The Third Reich and Literature (with Astrid Oesmann)

Narrative Literature: The Persistence of Myth

Biblical and Classical Literature: Literary Genre and Ancient Culture

Interpretation of Literature: Imagining History