Dr. Mary Funk

Assistant Professor of Teaching, Interdisciplinary Studies

Ph.D. The University of Southern Mississippi, 2015

Research Interests

Dr. Mary Funk came to Southern Miss in early 2005 after serving 25 years as a military air traffic controller.  Since arriving here she has served in many roles which significantly add to her vast experience in assisting USM students achieve their education goals.  She keeps close ties with her background by serving as an advisor for the Student Veterans of America as well as her many volunteer projects.  Her research interests include student success in higher education, the military student, workforce training and development, change leadership, nontraditional students, and student engagement.  She has examined the various situations that allow some students to achieve college goals over others whom do not. In her studies, causes of residential and commuter college stop-outs and drop-outs as well as numbers of drop-outs were scrutinized.


Assessing Nontraditional Student Dropouts on a Commuter Campus

Courses Taught

IDS 201. Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies

BLS 401. Liberal Studies senior capstone

BLS 402. Liberal Studies senior capstone

LS 101. Strategic Learning I

LS 250. Strategic Learning

UNV 101. University 

GS 100. Orientation