ARANA-SANCHEZ, AUXILIADORA, dora.arana@usm.edu, (228) 214-3260, Instructor of Spanish. B.A., M.A.T.L., The University of Southern Mississippi.

BRISTOL, DOUGLAS, douglas.bristol@usm.edu, (228) 214-3247, Associate Professor of History. B.A., M.A., University of North Carolina, Greensboro; Ph.D., University of Maryland. EXPERTISE: history of Mississippi, small business, labor markets, and the African American community.

EICKELMANN, ALLAN, Allan.Eickelmann@usm.edu, (228) 214-3227, Instructor of Philosophy and Religion, B.A., M.A., University of Chicago; D. Min., McCormick Theological Seminary. EXPERTISE: Comparative Religion, Global Religious Ethics, Business Ethics, Religion and Violence, American Religion and Theories of Religion.

FOLLETT, WESTLEY, Westley.Follett@usm.edu, (228) 214-3245, Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Brigham Young University; M.A., University of Toronto; Ph.D., University of Toronto.

FRANKE, DAMON, Damon.Franke@usm.edu, (228) 214-3361, Associate Professor of English. Ph.D., University of Iowa; M.A., University of Georgia; B.A., University of California, Berkeley.

FUNDERBURK, CASEY MAUGH, Casey.Maugh@usm.edu, (228) 214-3309, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, B.A., Huntingdon College; M.A., Colorado State University; Ph.D., Penn State University.

GENTILE, PHILLIP, Phillip.Gentile@usm.edu, (228) 214-3318, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication and Journalism, B.A., Youngstown State; M.F.A., Ohio University; M.A., University of Rochester; Ph.D., University of Rochester.

HARENSKI, ROBERT GLENN, robert.harenski@usm.edu, (228) 214-3260, Instructor of Legal Studies, B.S. in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Law, minor in Forensic Science, The University of Southern Mississippi. Juris Doctorate Mississippi College School of Law.

LANSFORD, TOM, Tom.Lansford@usm.edu, (228) 214-3291, Professor of Political Science. B.A., Virginia Wesleyan College; M.A., Ph.D., Old Dominion University.

LÉONARD, MARIE, Marie.Leonard@usm.edu, (228) 214-3339, Assistant Professor of Sociology, B.A., University of Lyon; M.A., University of Lyon; Ph.D., Texas A&M University. EXPERTISE: social movements, anti-globalization movements, French politics/social movements, European social movements.

MCDOWELL, SCOTT DIXON, Scott.McDowell@usm.edu, (228) 865-4548, Professor of Mass Communication and Journalism, B.A., Covenant College; M.F.A., Southern Illinois - Carbondale.

MULLICAN, SUSAN, Susan.Mullican@usm.edu, (228) 214-3258, Instructor of Philosophy and Religion. B.A., Mississippi State University, M.A., The University of Southern Mississippi.

NAGHSHPOUR, SHAHDAD, S.Naghshpour@usm.edu, (228) 865-4514, Professor of Political Science, Gulf Coast. B.S., Tehran University, M.A., Western Michigan University, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.

NUWER, DEANNE STEPHENSDeanne.Nuwer@usm.edu, (228) 214-3280, Associate Professor of History, Gulf Coast. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., The University of Southern Mississippi.

PAULY, ROBERT, Robert.Pauly@usm.edu, (228) 214-3240, Interim Associate Dean. Associate Professor of Political Science. B.A., University of Virginia; M.A., Ph.D., Old Dominion University. EXPERTISE: American foreign policy and national security; European politics; Islam and/in Europe and the West; Middle Eastern politics; terrorism.

SMITH, JAMES PATTERSON, Jamespat.Smith@usm.edu, (228) 865-4590, Professor of History. B.A., Mississippi College; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University.

ST. MARIE, JOSEPH J., J.StMarie@usm.edu, (228) 214-3254, Assistant Professor of Political Science. B.A., Gonzaga University; M.A., University of Idaho; Ph.D., Texas Tech University.

STEWART, MARY ANN, Mary.A.Stewart@usm.edu, (228) 214-3330, Instructor of Spanish, B.A. in Music, University of Southern Mississippi; B.A. in Spanish, University of Southern Mississippi; M.A., University of Southern Mississippi.

WATSON, WILLIAM, Wil.Watson@usm.edu, (228) 865-4575, Associate Professor of English. B.A., Western Illinois University; M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University.

WHITE, J. ELAINE, Elaine.White@usm.edu, (228) 214-3288, Associate Professor of English and Director of Live Oak Writing Project. B.A., The University of North Texas; M.Ed., East Central University; Ph.D., The University of Oklahoma.