Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Film Studies Pathway program start?

The program will go into effect in the fall 2016-17 school year.

What department does the bachelor’s degree in entertainment industry with an emphasis fall under?

The bachelor’s degree in entertainment industry with an emphasis in film is housed under the School of Mass Communications and Journalism in the College of Arts and Letters.

How do I get started in the program?

MGCCC students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the entertainment industry with an emphasis in film should inform MGCCC staff of their intent to enroll into the program so MGCCC faculty can provide the student with up-to-date degree information and contact with the appropriate Southern Miss faculty.

What are the entrance requirements for this program?

No entrance requirements exist for the program. Students who are admitted to MGCCC can indicate their preference for the Film Studies Pathway. Standard entrance requirements exist for admission to Southern Miss upon completion of coursework at MGCCC. However, our admissions staff are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible.

Are MGCCC students available to apply for scholarships through Southern Miss if enrolled in the program?

Upon completion of coursework at MGCCC and entrance into Southern Miss, students are eligible for scholarships.  Specific scholarships are set aside for Film Studies Pathway students.

Will there be distance education classes?

Southern Miss provides many courses online and has an ever-expanding list of online course offerings.  Click here to find available courses on the University’s academic bulletin.

Do I need a computer and certain computer software?

To begin the Film Studies Pathway program at MGCCC, no specific computer software is required.  Upon entrance at Southern Miss, students have access to computers with appropriate software to support their coursework.

Am I able to do the film program at the Hattiesburg campus?

No. Currently, the film program is only offered on the Southern Miss Gulf Park campus in Long Beach, Miss.

Do I have to graduate from MGCCC with my associate’s degree before pursing my bachelor’s degree at Southern Miss?

No. Once all necessary coursework has been completed at MGCCC, students can then transfer to Southern Miss – recognized as a junior – to finish the required coursework in the degree program. However, students may still choose to earn their associate’s degree at MGCCC and then enroll into Southern Miss after graduation to complete the bachelor’s degree program.

How many credit hours must I take before transferring to Southern Miss?

You may choose to transfer to Southern Miss at any time during your academic career. However, students who follow the Film Studies Pathway through MGCCC would typically complete their recommended 60 hours of coursework prior to enrolling at Southern Miss.

How do I learn more?  

To learn more, students may contact the Office of Admissions by calling 228.214.3444 or by emailing