Major Concentrations

Dr. Will Watson advising a student at spring registration

English majors can use a selection of the five required upper-level English electives, plus additional coursework as required for a bachelor of arts degree, to take a variety of English courses or to develop a concentration in one of the areas listed below.



The English major provides students with the tools to explore great works of literature and to read texts analytically.  Students can take upper-level English courses in a variety of genres (fiction, poetry, drama and the essay) and across all periods and fields: medieval, Renaissance, eighteenth century, Romantic, Victorian, early American, modernist, contemporary, postcolonial, African American, and young adult literature.


Recent or upcoming course offerings include:

ENG 373: American Poetry

ENG 418: Literature for the Adolescent

ENG 455: Studies in Shakespeare

ENG 471: Studies in American Literature of Realism and Naturalism

ENG 473: Studies in African American Literature

ENG 485: Literatures of Southern Mississippi and New Orleans

ENG 489: Generation X Literature and Culture


English Education

For the B.A. in English with licensure, students complete the traditional English major with an emphasis in English education and pedagogy, including a sequence of courses on teaching literature, teaching writing, and teaching language arts.  Licensure students gain invaluable experience as student teachers while being mentored by departmental faculty and local educators.  At the conclusion of the program, students are eligible to apply for a teaching license and are prepared to teach middle and high school English.


Recent or upcoming course offerings include:

ENG 401: Composition Study for Teachers

ENG 402: Literature Study for Teachers

ENG 403: Language Study for Teachers

ENG 491: Secondary English Practicum


Professional Writing and Public Discourse

This concentration allows students to explore writing in professional and public contexts, including editing and publishing, writing in the workplace, and writing for both electronic and print media.  Informed by the study of language and literature and equipped with the critical thinking and reading skills developed as an English major, students can take advanced composition courses that prepare them to write analytically and persuasively for a variety of audiences and situations.


Recent or upcoming course offerings include:

ENG 301: English Grammar

ENG 332: Advanced Composition

ENG 333: Technical Writing

ENG 423: Nonfiction Creative Writing


For further information, please contact your advisor or the Coast Coordinator of English,