Student Question and Answer

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Advisement Periods 
Advisement occurs in students' major departments twice a year:  In March for the Summer and Fall terms and in October for the Spring term.  Pay close attention to the academic calendar for the exact dates of advising.

Adding/Dropping Classes 
Pay close attention to the academic calendar on the USM Web page for deadlines to add or drop a class.

Students are not automatically dropped due to a cancellation of a class. Departments will notify students of course cancellations and students must drop themselves from the course.

Double Major vs. 2nd Degree 
A student earns a double major by declaring two majors at the time of enrollment and successfully completing the required coursework for each. Both majors appear on a student's "Progress Degree." If a student graduates and then decides to come back to USM to complete a second degree, a minimum of 32 hours is required -- even though some majors may require more or less than 32 hours. The student and an academic adviser must develop a contract that lists the courses needed to complete the second degree and, in all cases, a GPA of 2.0 is required.

Hours Requirements 
Students must earn their last 32 hours at USM to complete their degree. This policy applies to all students, including transfer students from other colleges and universities.

GPA/Academic Probation 
Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.  Students who fall below the required minimum will go on academic probation at the end of the semester.  Students will come off of academic probation attains an acceptable GPA.  Students whose cumulative GPA fails to rise above 2.0 will go on academic probation continued status.  Students on academic probation continued may not enroll in a subsequent semester without the prior written approval of the Chair or Director of their respective department or school.  Students on academic probation continued who fulfill the terms of their contract may not enroll in a subsequent semester without the prior written approval of the Chair or Director of their respective department or school.

Petition for Probation Continued Clearance Form

Students must make application one semester before their anticipated semester of graduation. Following commencement, a final graduation audit is completed, and students are notified of any course/class discrepancies that might prevent them from receiving a degree.

An application is available at the Registrar web site. Click on Graduation/Commencement. Download and complete Application for Degree (make sure to fill out all relevant parts of the document and receive all necessary signatures, including Chair of Minor if applicable) . Complete Arts and Letters exit survey. Submit all to to Lori Brommer.

Applications filed after the deadline are subject to late fees which are depended upon print date of application. Deferment of graduation date (roll-over) is also subject to a $50 fee unless delay of graduation is the result of misadvisement or cancellation of courses. An appeal process is available.

Students must carry an appropriate GPA in major to graduate. Students can find the Required Major GPA for their respective programs on "Progress Degree" located on their SOAR student panel.
Example: Entertainment Industry (Film) majors must achieve a minimum grade of "C" in each course with a GPA of 2.5 in the major.

Junior-Year Check-Ups 
Students, especially juniors, are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Lori Brommer for a review of courses and hours remaining to complete their degree.

A student will be suspended from the university the first semester he or she does not earn at least 2.00 a semester GPA while on academic probation continued. The student may not transfer credits earned at any other university or college while on suspension without prior written approval of the chair or director of the student's current department and the dean of his/her college.  Any such credits earned contrary to this policy will not count toward graduation requirements at USM.  Students may petition for readmission as soon as they go on suspension but must do so with the prior written approval of the Chair or Director of their respective department or school and the Dean of the College.  (This process begins in a student's major department or school.) 

Petition for Suspension Clearance Form

Withdrawing from the University (Dropping All Classes) 
Students have access on their SOAR student panel to "drop all classes." Located below "add a class and drop a class" is the link "drop all classes."