Top Ten Reasons to Major in English

1. The English major teaches you the skills of critical analysis through pleasurable reading and the works of creative genius.

2. The English major keeps your career options open by grounding your education in language skill and analytical practice that you can then transfer to specialized training in graduate school or the workplace.

Sigma Tau Delta PG Wodehouse Quote3. When you major in English, you study everything since literature is about the world, and the world includes science, politics, history, religion, philosophy, psychology, economics, music, art, and film.

4. When you major in English, you study what makes us human: romance, desire, love, power, identity, nationalism, parenting and making the world a better place.

5. The English major can help you travel the world.  English is the most sought-after second-language skill in the world.  You can take your skill and teach it abroad.

6. The English major is the #1 undergraduate major for law school students.  The language skills learned in studying English also transfer well to graduate training and careers in journalism, broadcasting, and other humanities.  Moreover, these skills with language and analysis are highly desired as a complementary skill in business and medical schools.

7. Should the English major lead you to teach, the quality of life for teachers is among the highest per career due to summer and holiday breaks and the intellectual and psychological rewards from the profession.

8. The employment opportunities for English teachers will always be there, and they exist at all levels in large numbers.

9. According to recent studies, the median salary for grads with a B.A. in English is $48,000, and $32,000 for recent grads.  These numbers are less than some majors, but nevertheless it is a solid income.

10. Grammar is not the major concern of the English major; that is learned along the way.

By Professor Franke