College of Business Course Fees

SubjectCatalogDescr Amt / Unit Flat Amt
ACC 220Mgr Accounting10.000.00
ACC 300Mgr Accounting10.000.00
ACC 320Ele Cost Accounting10.000.00
ACC 325Intermediate Acc I10.000.00
ACC 327Intermed Acc II10.000.00
ACC 330Fed Inc Tax Acc10.000.00
ACC 401Advanced Acc I10.000.00
ACC 402Advanced Acc II10.000.00
ACC 407Gov & Nfp Acc10.000.00
ACC 409Auditing10.000.00
ACC 605Cur Acc Theory&Res15.000.00
ACC 610Advanced Auditing15.000.00
ACC 620Adv Cost/Mgr Acc15.000.00
ACC 630Tax Seminar I15.000.00
ACC 631Tax Seminar II15.000.00
ACC 660Fraud And Valuation15.000.00
FIN 301Financial Mgt10.000.00
FIN 310Money & Cap Mkts10.000.00
FIN 320Fin/Retirement Plan10.000.00
FIN 350Bank Administration10.000.00
FIN 352Prin Of Investment10.000.00
FIN 380Financial Analysis10.000.00
FIN 392Estate and Bus Plan10.000.00
FIN 472Intern Bus Fin10.000.00
FIN 492Sp Prob In Fin10.000.00
FIN 652Prob in Investments15.000.00
FIN 692Sp Prob In Fin15.000.00
MBA 611Managerial Acc15.000.00
MBA 640Financial Mgt15.000.00
MBA 660Strategic Mgt0.0040.00
MGT 400Glob Mgr Pol & Stra0.0030.00