College of Science and Technology Course Fees

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      Science Masters Courses and  School of Construction courses.


SubjectCatalogDescrAmt / UnitFlat Amt
ACT 234LArch CADD Lab0.0060.00
ACT 235LArch Wkg Dwg I Lab0.0060.00
ACT 262LArch Design I Lab0.0060.00
ACT 348Const Model Anim I0.0060.00
ACT 352Construction Imaging0.0060.00
ACT 363LArch Design II Lab0.0060.00
ACT 380Specc-Contracts0.0060.00
ACT 400Senior Project0.0060.00
ACT 401Senior Project0.0060.00
ACT 426Specc-Contracts0.0060.00
ACT 450Vr Construction I0.0060.00
ACT 465LArch Design IV Lab0.0060.00
AEC 132LArch Graphics Lab (In Person)0.0060.00
AEC 204LBld Mtrl Lab (In Person)0.0060.00
AEC 454LEstimating I Lab (In Person)0.0060.00
AJ 430Crim Procedure0.0050.00
AJ 433Evi Search & Seiz0.0050.00
AJ 530Criminal Procedure0.0050.00
AJ 533Evi Search & Seiz0.0050.00
AST 111Gen Astronomy0.0010.00
AST 111LLab For Ast 1110.0060.00
AST 112Gen Astronomy0.0010.00
AST 112LLab For Ast 1120.0060.00
BCT 205LSurveying Lab (In Person)0.0060.00
BCT 400Senior Project (In Person)0.0060.00
BCT 445LSoils-Fdn Lab (In Person)0.0060.00
BCT 455LEstimating II Lab (In Person)0.0060.00
BCT 458LScheduling Lab (In Person)0.0060.00
BCT 486LProject Control Lab (In Person)0.0060.00
BCT 545LSoils Fdn Lab0.0060.00
BCT 554LEstimating I Lab0.0060.00
BCT 555LEstimating II Lab0.0060.00
BCT 558LScheduling Lab0.0060.00
BCT 586LProject Ctrl Lab0.0060.00
BSC 103Biology & Society0.0010.00
BSC 103LBio & Society Lab0.0060.00
BSC 107LHuman Bio Lab0.0060.00
BSC 110Prin Of Biol Sci I0.0010.00
BSC 110LPrin Bio Sci I Lab0.0060.00
BSC 111Prin Of Biol Sci II0.0010.00
BSC 111LPrin Bio Sci II Lab0.0060.00
BSC 201LGeneral Zoology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 226LGeneral Botany Lab0.0060.00
BSC 250Human Ana&Physi I0.0010.00
BSC 250LHuman Ana&Physi Lab0.0060.00
BSC 251Human Ana&Physi II0.0010.00
BSC 251LHuman Ana&Physi Lab0.0060.00
BSC 361LCompar Anatomy Lab0.0060.00
BSC 380LGen Microbiol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 401LHistory Animals Lab0.0060.00
BSC 402LHistory Plants Lab0.0060.00
BSC 404LField Biology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 405LPalaeobiology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 408LInvert Zoo I Lab0.0060.00
BSC 409LInvert Zoo II Lab0.0060.00
BSC 410LHuman Parasit Lab0.0060.00
BSC 411LEntomology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 412LMed Entomology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 413LArachnida Biol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 414LIchthyology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 415LBiol of Fishes Lab0.0060.00
BSC 416LFishery Science Lab0.0060.00
BSC 417LHerpetology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 418LAvian Biol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 419LMammalogy Lab0.0060.00
BSC 421LMar Invert Zoo Lab0.0060.00
BSC 424LMarine Parasito Lab0.0060.00
BSC 425LMarine Botany Lab0.0060.00
BSC 426LIntrod Mycology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 427LIntrod Phycologylab0.0060.00
BSC 428LPlant Anatomy Lab0.0060.00
BSC 429LPlant Morph Lab0.0060.00
BSC 430LAquatic&Marsh Lab0.0060.00
BSC 431LPlant Physiol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 432LEconomic Botany Lab0.0060.00
BSC 433LPlant Syst Lab0.0060.00
BSC 434LDendrology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 435LPlant Ecology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 436LBiology Cons Lab0.0060.00
BSC 437LCoastal Vegetat Lab0.0060.00
BSC 438LSalt Marsh Pl Lab0.0060.00
BSC 439LMarine Ecology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 440LEcology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 441LPopul&Commun Lab0.0060.00
BSC 442LBehav Ecol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 443LFreshwater Biol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 444LLimnology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 445LMar Biol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 446LAquaculture Lab0.0060.00
BSC 447LMarine Aquacul Lab0.0060.00
BSC 448LFaunaecoltidal Lab0.0060.00
BSC 449LMar Fish Manage Lab0.0060.00
BSC 454LPhysiology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 455LAnimal Behavior Lab0.0060.00
BSC 456LNeuroscience Lab0.0060.00
BSC 458LMar Ichthyol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 459LMar Mam Lab0.0060.00
BSC 461LHistology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 462LMicrotechnique Lab0.0060.00
BSC 463LPathobiology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 465LEmbryology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 467LDisaquatic Anim Lab0.0060.00
BSC 468LHistol Marine Lab0.0060.00
BSC 471LAdv Genetic Lab0.0060.00
BSC 477LMicro Genetics Lab0.0060.00
BSC 478LMolecular Bio Lab0.0060.00
BSC 479LBiotech Mar Bio Lab0.0060.00
BSC 481LPathogen Micro Lab0.0060.00
BSC 482LAdv Pathogen Lab0.0060.00
BSC 484LViral&Tiss Cult Lab0.0060.00
BSC 485LViral Path-Diag Lab0.0060.00
BSC 486LImmuno&Serology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 487LMicro Physiol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 488LFood Microbiol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 489LEnviron Microbiol0.0060.00
BSC 495LLab For Bsc 4950.0060.00
BSC 501LHistory Animals Lab0.0060.00
BSC 502LHistory Plants Lab0.0060.00
BSC 504LField Biology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 505LPalaeobiology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 508LInvert Zoo I Lab0.0060.00
BSC 509LInvert Zoo II Lab0.0060.00
BSC 510LHuman Parasit Lab0.0060.00
BSC 511LEntomology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 512LMed Entomology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 513LArachnida Biol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 514LIchthyology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 515LBiol Of Fishes Lab0.0060.00
BSC 516LFishery Science Lab0.0060.00
BSC 517LHerpetology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 518LAvian Biol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 519LMammalogy Lab0.0060.00
BSC 521LMar Inv Zoo I Lab0.0060.00
BSC 524LMarine Parasito Lab0.0060.00
BSC 525LMarine Botany Lab0.0060.00
BSC 526LIntrod Mycology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 527LIntrod Phycologylab0.0060.00
BSC 528LPlant Anatomy Lab0.0060.00
BSC 529LPlant Morph Lab0.0060.00
BSC 530LAquatic&Marsh Lab0.0060.00
BSC 531LPlant Physiol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 532LEconomic Botany Lab0.0060.00
BSC 533LPlant Syst Lab0.0060.00
BSC 534LDendrology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 535LPlant Ecology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 536LBiol Cons Lab0.0060.00
BSC 537LCoastal Vegetat Lab0.0060.00
BSC 538LSalt Marsh Ec Lab0.0060.00
BSC 539LMarine Ecology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 540LEcology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 541LPopul&Commun Lab0.0060.00
BSC 542LBehav Ecol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 543LFreshwater Biol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 544LLimnology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 545LMar Biol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 546LAquaculture Lab0.0060.00
BSC 547LMarine Aquacul Lab0.0060.00
BSC 548LFaunaecoltidal Lab0.0060.00
BSC 549LMar Fish Mgt Lab0.0060.00
BSC 554LPhysiology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 555LAnimal Behavior Lab0.0060.00
BSC 556LNeuroscience Lab0.0060.00
BSC 558LMar Ichthyol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 559LMar Mam Lab0.0060.00
BSC 561LHistology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 562LMicrotechnique Lab0.0060.00
BSC 563LPathobiology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 565LEmbryology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 567LDisaquatic Anim Lab0.0060.00
BSC 568LHistol Marine Lab0.0060.00
BSC 571LAdv Genetics Lab0.0060.00
BSC 577LMicro Genetics Lab0.0060.00
BSC 578LMolecular Biol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 579LBiotech Mar Bio Lab0.0060.00
BSC 581LPathogen Micro Lab0.0060.00
BSC 582LAdv Pathogen Lab0.0060.00
BSC 584LViral&Tiss Cult Lab0.0060.00
BSC 585LViral Path-Diag Lab0.0060.00
BSC 586LImmuno&Serology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 587LMicro Physiol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 588LFood Microbiol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 589LEnviron Microbiol0.0060.00
BSC 648LAquatic Insect Lab0.0060.00
BSC 707LPlanktology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 717LAdv Herpetology Lab0.0060.00
BSC 741LFisheries Biol Lab0.0060.00
BSC 780LImmuno Chem Lab0.0060.00
CET 240LDigital Elec Lab0.0060.00
CET 301LLogic Design Lab0.0060.00
CET 302LUp Lab0.0060.00
CET 316LDigital Comm Lab0.0060.00
CET 370LHardware Sys I Lab0.0060.00
CET 400Senior Project0.0050.00
CET 401Senior Project0.0050.00
CET 420LEmb Uc Design Lab0.0060.00
CET 437Microcomptr Design0.0050.00
CET 471LSmall Comp Sys Lab0.0060.00
CET 472LProg Logic Lab0.0060.00
CET 477LControl Sys Lab0.0060.00
CET 478LDigital Control Lab0.0060.00
CET 501LUP Lab0.0060.00
CET 520LEmb UC Design Lab0.0060.00
CET 571LSmall Comp Sys Lab0.0060.00
CET 572LProg Logic Lab0.0060.00
CET 577LControl Sys Lab0.0060.00
CET 578LDigital Control Lab0.0060.00
CET 620Advanced Micro Apps0.0050.00
CET 687Adv VLSI Design0.0050.00
CHE 104Chem & Environment0.0010.00
CHE 104LChem & Environment Lab0.0060.00
CHE 106Gen Chemistry I0.0010.00
CHE 106LGen Chem I Lab0.0060.00
CHE 107Gen Chemistry II0.0010.00
CHE 107LGen Chem II Lab0.0060.00
CHE 110LGen Org Biochem Lab0.0060.00
CHE 251LLab For Che 2510.0060.00
CHE 255LLab For Che 2550.0060.00
CHE 256LLab For Che 2560.0060.00
CHE 311LLab For Che 3110.0060.00
CHE 411LInstru Analy Lab0.0060.00
CHE 420LPrin Biochem Lab0.0060.00
CHE 421LBiochemistry I Lab0.0060.00
CHE 431LInorganic Chem Lab0.0060.00
CHE 461LLab For Che 4610.0060.00
CHE 462LLab For Che 4620.0060.00
CJ 430Crim Procedure0.0050.00
CJ 433Evi Search & Seiz0.0050.00
CJ 530Criminal Procedure0.0050.00
CJ 533Evi Search & Seiz0.0050.00
COA 300LMarine Sci I Lab0.0060.00
COA 300LMarine Sci I Lab0.00400.00
COA 301LMarine Sci II Lab0.0060.00
COA 301LMarine Sci II Lab0.00400.00
COA 405LMar Chemistry Lab0.0060.00
COA 406LEstuarine Chem Lab0.0060.00
COA 409Coastal Geology0.00100.00
COA 416LMar Fisheries Lab0.0060.00
COA 421LMar Ichthyology Lab0.0060.00
COA 421LMar Ichthyology Lab0.00400.00
COA 422LElasmo Biology Lab0.0060.00
COA 422LElasmo Biology Lab0.00400.00
COA 424LMar Aquaculture Lab0.0060.00
COA 424LMar Aquaculture Lab0.00100.00
COA 428LMarine Invert Lab0.0060.00
COA 428LMarine Invert Lab0.00400.00
COA 434LCoastal Veg Lab0.0060.00
COA 435LSalt Marsh Eco Lab0.0060.00
COA 436LMarine Botany Lab0.0060.00
COA 443LMar Mammals Lab0.0060.00
COA 443LMar Mammals Lab0.00400.00
COA 444Cetacean Behavior0.00400.00
COA 446LMar Ecology Lab0.0060.00
COA 446LMar Ecology Lab0.00400.00
COA 447LFaunistic Eco Lab0.0060.00
COA 447LFaunistic Eco Lab0.00300.00
COA 448LBarrier Is Ecol Lab0.0060.00
COA 448LBarrier Is Ecol Lab0.00400.00
COA 453LMar Parasites Lab0.0060.00
COA 453LMar Parasites Lab0.00400.00
COA 456LMar Histology Lab0.0060.00
COA 465LMar Biotech Lab0.0060.00
COA 471LMar Microbio Lab0.0060.00
COA 471LMar Microbio Lab0.00100.00
COA 486LEcology Teacher Lab0.0060.00
COA 505LMarine Chem Lab0.0060.00
COA 506LEstuarine Chem Lab0.0060.00
COA 509Coastal Marine Geo0.00100.00
COA 516LMar Fisheries Lab0.0060.00
COA 521LMar Ichthyology Lab0.0060.00
COA 521LMar Ichthyology Lab0.00400.00
COA 522LElasmo Biology Lab0.0060.00
COA 522LElasmo Biology Lab0.00400.00
COA 524LMar Aquaculture Lab0.0060.00
COA 524LMar Aquaculture Lab0.00100.00
COA 528LMar Invert Zoo Lab0.0060.00
COA 528LMar Invert Zoo Lab0.00400.00
COA 534LCoastal Veg Lab0.0060.00
COA 535LSalt Marsh Eco Lab0.0060.00
COA 536LMarine Botany Lab0.0060.00
COA 543LMarine Mammals Lab0.0060.00
COA 543LMarine Mammals Lab0.00400.00
COA 546LMarine Ecology Lab0.0060.00
COA 546LMarine Ecology Lab0.00400.00
COA 547LFaunistic Ecol Lab0.0060.00
COA 547LFaunistic Ecol Lab0.00300.00
COA 553LMarine Parasite Lab0.0060.00
COA 553LMarine Parasite Lab0.00400.00
COA 556LMar Histology Lab0.0060.00
COA 565LMar Biotech Lab0.0060.00
COA 571LMar Microbio Lab0.0060.00
COA 571LMar Microbio Lab0.00100.00
COA 586LEcol For Teach Lab0.0060.00
COA 645LBenthic Ecology Lab0.0060.00
COA 728LCrustaceanTaxonomy Lab0.0060.00
CSC 100Intro To Computing0.0050.00
CSC 102Computer Science II0.0050.00
CSC 203LComp Systems Lab0.0060.00
CSC 204LComp Organiz Lab0.0060.00
CSC 306LOp Sys & Cmp Arch L0.0060.00
CSC 307Data Structures0.0050.00
CSC 410LMulti-Process Lab0.0060.00
CSC 414LSoft Des & Dev Lab0.0060.00
CSS 330Intro To Prog0.0050.00
CSS 331Visual Basic0.0050.00
CSS 333Prob Sol In C I0.0050.00
CSS 334Prob Solv In C II0.0050.00
CSS 404Internet Concepts0.0050.00
CSStd> 431Adv Visual Basic0.0050.00
ED 551Theory Of Econ Loc110.000.00
ED 646E D Marketing110.000.00
ED 656Rural Development110.000.00
ED 662E D & The Environ110.000.00
ED 665E D And Tourism110.000.00
ED 667Comm Dev110.000.00
ED 722Research Methods110.000.00
ED 724E D Finance110.000.00
ED 725Tech-Based Entrepre110.000.00
ED 730Innovation110.000.00
ED 731Stages Of Tech Dev110.000.00
ED 732Foster Creative Env110.000.00
ED 747Recruit Innov Bus110.000.00
ED 748International E D110.000.00
ED 761Issues in E D110.000.00
ED 764E D Theory I110.000.00
ED 765Br & E In Ed110.000.00
ED 784Best Practices110.000.00
EET 101LIntro Electron Lab0.0060.00
EET 110LElec Circuits Lab0.0060.00
EET 111LAC Analysis Lab0.0060.00
EET 120LElec Graphics Lab0.0060.00
EET 200LAssy & Fab Lab0.0060.00
EET 210LDev And Ckts Lab0.0060.00
EET 230LElec Inst Lab0.0060.00
EET 311LApp Devices I Lab0.0060.00
EET 312LApp Devices II Lab0.0060.00
EET 315LCom Sys Lab0.0060.00
EET 342LElect Machinery Lab0.0060.00
EET 400Senior Project0.0050.00
EET 401Senior Project0.0050.00
EET 412LAdv Ckt Analys Lab0.0060.00
EET 450LMic Tech Lab0.0060.00
EET 461Electrical Power0.0050.00
EET 477LControl Sys Lab0.0060.00
EET 512LAdv Ckt Anal Lab0.0060.00
EET 550LMircowave Lab0.0060.00
EET 561Elect Power Gen0.0050.00
EET 603Digital Signal Pro0.0050.00
FSC 140LFsc Science Lab0.00100.00
FSC 320LFor Analysis Lab0.00100.00
FSC 340LFingerprint Lab0.0060.00
FSC 430LSur For Tox Lab0.00100.00
FSC 440LDrug Id Lab0.00100.00
FSC 442LArson And Expl Lab0.00100.00
FSC 445Crime Scene Doc0.0050.00
FSC 445LCrime Scene Doc Lab0.00100.00
FSC 491LLab For Fsc 4910.00100.00
FSC 601LFsc Serology Lab0.00100.00
FSC 621LFsc Dna Lab0.00100.00
FSC 691Research0.00100.00
FSC 698Thesis In Fsc0.00100.00
GHY 104Weather & Climate0.0010.00
GHY 104LWea & Cli Lab0.0060.00
GHY 105Ldforms, Hydr and Biogeo0.0010.00
GHY 105LLfrms, Hyd, and Bio Lab0.0060.00
GHY 410L21St Cent Cart Lab0.0060.00
GHY 412LEnviro Remote Sensing Lab0.0060.00
GHY 418LSpatial Anlys Lab0.0060.00
GHY 510L21st Cent Cart Lab0.0060.00
GHY 512LRemote Sensing Lab0.0060.00
GHY 518LSpatial Anlys Lab0.0060.00
GLY 101Phy Geology0.0010.00
GLY 101LPhysical Gly Lab0.0060.00
GLY 103Historical Geology0.0010.00
GLY 103LHistorical Gly Lab0.0060.00
GLY 304LPetrology Lab0.0060.00
GLY 405LSedimentology Lab0.0060.00
GLY 443LMicropaleon Lab0.0060.00
GLY 543LMicropaleon Lab0.0060.00
GLY 615LClay Mineralogy Lab0.0060.00
HCD 635Stats For HCD110.000.00
HCD 715Chg Leadership Hcd110.000.00
HCD 745Quantitative Res110.000.00
HCD 750Qualitative Res110.000.00
HCD 755Survey Design110.000.00
HCD 760Reporting Research110.000.00
HCD 780Seminar110.000.00
HCD 792Special Problems110.000.00
HCD 898Dissertation110.000.00
HYD 600Classical Geodesy0.00100.00
HYD 601Hydro Data Mgmt0.00100.00
HYD 604Kinematic Positioning0.00100.00
HYD 605Applied Bathymetry0.00100.00
HYD 606Naut Crtgrphy & Gis0.00100.00
HYD 610Hyd Field Project0.00100.00
HYD 612Water Levels0.00100.00
IET 400Senior Project0.0060.00
IET 401Senior Project0.0060.00
IET 406Indust Automation0.0060.00
ITC 215Visual Studio I0.0065.00
ITC 242Net Security II0.0065.00
ITC 261Dynamic Web Develop0.0065.00
ITC 350SQL Techniques0.0065.00
ITC 415Visual Studio II0.0065.00
ITC 441Firewalls And Vpn0.0065.00
ITC 471LSmall Comp Sys Lab0.0060.00
ITC 571LSmall Comp Sys Lab0.0060.00
MAR 151Intro Ocean Sci0.0010.00
MAR 151LIntro Ocean Sci Lab0.0060.00
MAT  99Intermediate Alg0.0050.00
MAT 101College Algebra0.0050.00
MAT 489Stu Teaching Mat I0.00100.00
MAT 490Stu Teaching Mat II0.00100.00
PHY 103LLab for PHY 1030.0060.00
PHY 111General Physics I0.0010.00
PHY 111LGen Phy I Lab0.0060.00
PHY 112General Physics II0.0010.00
PHY 112LGen Phy II Lab0.0060.00
PHY 201Gen Phy W Calculus0.0010.00
PHY 201LGen Phy I W Calc Lab0.0060.00
PHY 202Gen Phy  II W Calculus0.0010.00
PHY 202LGen Phy II W Calc Lab0.0060.00
PHY 327LLab for PHY 3270.0060.00
PHY 341LLab for PHY 3410.0060.00
PHY 361LLab for PHY 3610.0060.00
PSC190Material World0.0010.00
SME 432Sci For Ele Teacher0.0050.00
SME 460Met In Sciences Se0.0050.00
SME 461Comp Sci Math Teach0.0050.00
SME 489Stu Teaching Sci I0.0050.00
SME 489Stu Teaching Sci I0.00100.00
SME 490Stu Teaching Sci II0.0050.00
SME 490Stu Teaching Sci II0.00100.00
SME 532Sci for Ele Teacher0.0050.00
SME 561Comp Sci-Math Teach0.0050.00
SME 571Teach Chem Sec Sch0.0050.00
SME 595Appl Conc Biol Sec0.0050.00
SME 695Appl Conc Biol Sec0.0050.00
SME 702Techniques of Demo0.0050.00
WTD 540Workforce Dev Mod110.000.00
WTD 543Strat For Tech Trn110.000.00
WTD 560Perf Tech I110.000.00
WTD 575Workforce Analysis110.000.00
WTD 640Workforce Dev Mod110.000.00
WTD 643Strat For Tech Trn110.000.00
WTD 660Perf Tech I110.000.00
WTD 665Adv Perform Tech110.000.00
WTD 675Research In Wtd110.000.00
WTD 680WTD Seminar110.000.00
WTD 692Topics In Wtd110.000.00
WTD 720Competency Models110.000.00
WTD 725Adv Wf Analysis110.000.00
****  Online Delivery Charged Per Credit Hour  ****
SubjectCatalogDescription Per Unit
AEC 132Arch Graphics       50.00
AEC 132LArch Graphics Lab       50.00
AEC 204Building Materials       50.00
AEC 204LBld Mtrl Lab       50.00
AEC 240Statics       50.00
AEC 315Mechanical Systems       50.00
AEC 316Electrical Systems       50.00
AEC 320Cadd I       50.00
AEC 340Strength Of Matrls       50.00
AEC 340LStrength Lab       50.00
AEC 444Building Structures       50.00
AEC 454Estimating I       50.00
AEC 454LEstimating I Lab       50.00
BCT 205Surveying       50.00
BCT 205LSurveying Lab       50.00
BCT 336Building Systems II       50.00
BCT 336LBldg Systems II Lab       50.00
BCT 374Const Organization       50.00
BCT 400Senior Project       50.00
BCT 445Soils-Foundations       50.00
BCT 445LSoils-Fdn Lab       50.00
BCT 455Estimating II       50.00
BCT 455LEstimating II Lab       50.00
BCT 458Const Plan & Sched       50.00
BCT 458LScheduling Lab       50.00
BCT 477Const Proj Manage       50.00
BCT 478App of Const Law       50.00
BCT 480Construction Safety       50.00
BCT 486Project Control       50.00
BCT 486LProject Control Lab       50.00
PSC691Research 400.00
PSC698Thesis 400.00
PSC701Organic Polymer I 400.00
PSC710Polymer Physical I 400.00
PSC730Polymer Rheology 400.00
PSC750Composite Materials 400.00
PSC755Composite Design 400.00
PSC760Composite Analysis 400.00
PSC765Mech Of Composites 400.00
PSC770Composite Adh/Join 400.00
PSC775Composite Fab 400.00
PSC789Polymer Sci Sem 400.00