Go Gold Card



Welcome to The University of Southern Mississippi.  We are excited that you have chosen our institution in your quest for Higher Education.  I would like to take this time to give you a heads up on some materials that you will be receiving soon.   Through a partnership with HigherOne Inc., we are able to provide students with refund options other than simply a paper check.  In January 2009, we began offering refunds in the form of Direct Deposit as well.  You will be receiving a USM GO GOLD card in the mail soon.  DO NOT DISCARDThis card is the key to any refund you may be eligible for.  Once you have received this card, you will be given instructions on how to choose your refund preference.  That’s right.  You get to choose how you want it. 

You will have three options. 

1. You can activate the GO Gold card, and have the funds direct deposited there.

2. You can have the funds transferred to an existing bank account of your choice.

3. You can receive a paper check.

The Go Gold Card is issued to all students, not just those receiving Financial Aid for a good reason.  Refunds can be issued for many reasons, such as a change in class schedule, or credits issued from different areas of campus (Bookstore, Library, Food Services…etc…).  We cannot stress enough, Do Not Discard.  To begin with, it is simply a vehicle to choose your refund preference.   If you choose to activate it, it becomes a fully functional debit card (NOT A CREDIT CARD) at that time.

As I stated before, it is your choice.  Choose whichever option you prefer, but please choose one.  Not doing so could cause a delay in any refund you are expecting.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Business Services at 228-865-4520 or  business.services@usm.edu

Learn more about the Go Gold card by visiting www.gogoldcard.com.