Certificate Student Testimonials

The certificate accounting course was extremely informative for someone without a business background. We covered a lot of material throughout the term, and Dr. Pate was very helpful and willing to answer any questions I had. The textbook was not overly technical and offered a variety of online resources that helped reinforce the concepts taught in the course. 


I was a Political Science major at Ole Miss and after 10 years in the work force I decided to go for my MBA. Having never had finance or accounting in my undergraduate program, I was so pleased to know that USM offered the graduate certification program.


I hadn't had a math class since 1999, and was very nervous about taking accounting. Dr. Gwen Pate was amazing to work with. She made herself readily available and her patience and eagerness to help really alleviated much of my stress around taking the class. I am very grateful to have had such a splendid professor teach accounting for USM's graduate certification program.