iPASS® Industry Professionals Assistance in Students' Success

The University of Southern Mississippi (Southern Miss) is one of few worldwide AASCB accredited educational institutions with a B.S.B.A degree in Casino/Resort Management.  In 2007, the Department of Casino, Hospitality and Tourism Management (CHTM) collaborated with the Mississippi Gaming Commission and 15 Mississippi casino industry professionals in an effort to bridge student skills gaps through online classroom engagement. The partnership led to the development of “Industry Professionals Assistance in Students' Success” (iPASS®); a CHTM industry professional volunteer program with a business-education partnership instructional approach.

iPASS® has since been adopted in B.S.B.A. in Tourism and the B.S. in Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management courses and the partnership has expanded to include professionals from the hospitality and tourism industries. In addition to online instruction, the roles and activities of industry volunteers now include curriculum development, adjunct instruction, guest lectures, field trip sponsors, team project mentoring, internships, career placement and networking opportunities for students.  Participation in iPASS® offers our business partners an opportunity to demonstrate corporate citizenship within their communities and firsthand recruitment and placement of our students.

If you are an industry expert who would like to contribute to our students’ learning success, please contact  Evelyn Green.

Click here to view past and current industry professionals* who have served in iPASS® since 2007. 

* Corporate/property affiliation when serving in iPASS®