Mission Statement


Our purpose is to provide a range of educational products, services, and resources that advances the careers of our students, faculty, and staff, and increases career opportunities in the regional business community.  We accomplish our mission by building skills, fostering intellectual contributions, and promoting business growth and entrepreneurial activity.


To become the leading agent for career development in Mississippi and along the Gulf Coast.

Mission Actions, Opportunities, and Outcomes

We will implement our mission by focusing on the listed actions, opportunities and outcomes for specific constituencies that follow:


  • Supporting an infrastructure that helps students find initial professional employment.
  • Helping students acquire the functional skills necessary to be competitive in the job market for the student's selected field.
  • Helping students develop an understanding of the managerial skills necessary to successfully move from entry-level positions to supervisory and managerial positions.
  • Nurturing an appreciation of the life-long learning skills and career management techniques necessary for a successful career as an upper level manager or business entrepreneur.


  • Providing the opportunities and resources necessary for the development of individual faculty careers within higher education.
  • Generating opportunities in the regional business community that enhance a faculty member's ability to engage in the scholarship of discovery, application, and teaching.
  • Facilitating efforts to produce intellectual contributions that advance the knowledge and practice of business and enhance the scholarly reputations of individual faculty members and our college.


  • Creating growth opportunities that allow skill enhancement necessary for career advancement both within the university and within the business community.
  • Encouraging the timely vertical progression of staff members within the university.

Business Community

  • Increasing the number of career opportunities for all constituencies by facilitating the growth of existing businesses in the region.
  • Increasing the number of career opportunities for all constituencies by encouraging the entrance of new
    businesses in the region.
  • Fostering entrepreneurship and related activities to support the creation of new businesses and jobs in the region.
  • Providing a range of educational products and services to the regional business community.