HCD Dissertations

Human Capital Development Dissertations
StudentYearFaculty ChairResearch Topic
Scott Alsobrooks2010Cyndi GaudetThe quality of student experiences in traditionally scheduled courses versus block scheduled courses at Pearl River Community College
Holly Burkett2010Cyndi GaudetChange capacity as a determinant of sustainable ROI implementation in human resource development practice 
John Kmiec, Jr.2010Cyndi GaudetA Study of the Effectiveness of a Pilot Training Program in an Organizational Setting: An intervention for work engagement
Penny Madonna Adams2011Heather AnnulisRecovering from Hurricane Katrina, small business owners conquer Katrina: A mixed methodology study 
Lindsey Lewis2011Heather AnnulisThe Computer ate my Classroom: Assessing student interactions, perceived learning, and satisfaction in online community college career technical education courses
Sidney Mitchell2011Cyndi GaudetFactors that contribute to persistence and retention of underrepresented minority undergraduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
Dwuena Wyre2011Cyndi GaudetSet up for success: An examination of the Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program’s
Rich Jeffries2011Heather AnnulisInvestments in Leadership and Management Succession Planning at a Department of Defense Organization in the Southeastern United States: A Review of Strategic
Dionne Davis-Green2012Cyndi GaudetExamining the Relationship Between Social Capital and Career Success Among Welfare to Work Participants in Louisiana
Evelyn Green2012Cyndi GaudetEmployee Volunteer and Employer Benefits from Business – Education Partnerships as Perceived by Employee Volunteers
Mamie Griffin2012Heather AnnulisManufacturing Mississippi’s Workforce: An Assessment of Employability Skills as Perceived by Faculty & Senior Students of Four Year Manufacturing Related Degree Program
Cheryl Zipay Kirby2012Heather AnnulisAssessing a Culture of Innovation Leadership on the Human Capital in Healthcare
Steve Miller2012Brent HalesLeading Through Crisis: Competencies for Effective Sport Security Professionals
Deborah Moore2012Cyndi GaudetAmerica Reads – Mississippi Future Teacher Corps: A Study of Program Completers’ Perception of Factors Influencing the Decision to Become and Remain Classroom Teachers
Ginger Robbins2012Heather AnnulisA Study of the Effect of Appreciative Inquiry on Student – Course Engagement and Attendance in the Community College
Rich Stewart2012Cyndi GaudetA Study of the Leadership Code and Employee Engagement
Josh Duplantis2013Chad MillerDeveloping Social Capital: The Effect of an Academic Service-Learning Component on the Civic Attitudes of College Students
Tomeka Harbin2013Heather AnnulisWorkplace Health Promotion Programs: An Assessment of Factors Influencing Participation
Yolanda Clark2013Heather AnnulisProject-Based Section 8 Housing Participants’ Perception of Cultural and Structural Factors to Explain Barriers to Economic Self-Sufficiency
Christopher Fox2013Cyndi GaudetEmotional Intelligence and Community Healthcare Productivity
Jim Black, Jr.2014Cyndi GaudetOnline Communities of Practice in the Contact Center Environment: Factors that Influence Participation
Gary Burrus2014Cyndi GaudetStrategic Human Resources in Casino Operations: Revealing the Perceptions of Casino Operators and Human Resource Leaders
Sharon Cureton2014Heather AnnulisThe Role of Exchange Ideology in Coworker Social Support and Work Engagement
Ker Ferguson2014Chad MillerA Policy Framed Analysis of the Valley of Death in U.S. University Technology Transfer
Dianna Perkins2014Heather AnnulisBuilding Change Readiness Practices for Information Technology Support Staff
Katie Wallace2014Heather AnnulisDevelopment of Workforce Skills: Student Perceptions of Mentoring in First Robotics
Mary Funk2015Heather AnnulisAssessing nontraditional student dropouts on a commuter campus
Jason Golden2015Dale LunsfordAn examination of the volunteer coordinator’s influence on church volunteers’ intent-to-continue at the largest protestant churches
Alan Martinez2015Cyndi GaudetThe role of shared mental models in team coordination crew resource management skills of mutual performance monitoring and backup behaviors
Tammy Means2015Heather AnnulisA study identifying information technology development strategies for nursing professional development specialists practicing in healthcare settings
Janea McDonald2015Heather AnnulisThe relationship between university employees' work engagement and the perception of their influence on student integration and retention
Christy Riddle2015Heather AnnulisHow did the students cross the stage? The relationship of demographic factors on early selection of college major
Brock Stout2015Heather Annulis

What will the neighbors think? Perceptions of failure intolerance on individual entrepreneurial intention in the rural Midwest

Richard Ayers2016Cyndi GaudetOptimizing workforce performance: Perceived differences of Army officer critical thinking talent across level of education.
Robert Thompson2016Cyndi GaudetAn investigation of work environment characteristics and work engagement of limited- and full-service hotel property front-line employees.