Faculty in the Department of Psychology actively engage students daily. Whether through classroom interactions, or hands-on research experiences, our faculty are dedicated to encouraging and enhancing student experiences at the University of Southern Mississippi.


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Dr. Agler's primary research area is in metacognition and metacomprehension, which examine individuals' ability to evaluate and assess their cognitive and comprehension statuses pertaining to reading comprehension and test performance. She has investigated multiple variables that may influence an individual's metacognitive and metacomprehension ability, including adult age differences, cross-cultural differences, person variables, etc. She plans to include school aged children in her studies in the future.


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Heidi Lyn is a Psychology professor at The University of Southern Mississippi, where she studies nonhuman animal cognition and communication. She has published on the environmental influences on intelligence and social behavior in apes, on the communicative and cognitive behaviors of sea mammals such as dolphins, belugas, and walrus, and on neural and behavioral correlates in nonhuman primates. She has held positions at the Language Research Center of Georgia State University, UCLA, the New York Aquarium and the Sea Mammal Research Unit of the School of Biology, St. Andrews University, Scotland. 
Undergraduate researchers are currently involved in studies into the communication systems and Environmental Enrichment with dolphins, cognition in dogs, cats, and birds of prey/carrion birds, as well as analogous brain structures in monkeys and autistic children. 

Michael Mong, Ph.D.

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As a practicing school psychologist, Dr. Mong's research typically involves determining the most effective interventions for children with academic and behavioral difficulties. In addition to his research with children, he has also studied PTSD and marital infidelity in adult populations.

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Dr. Noguchi's research concerns how people process social information, and how this affects their attitudes, intentions, and behaviors. Specifically, he am interested in how subtle situational and social cues influence people's motivations and attitudes. His past studies indicated that introspective self-talk, general goals to be active, confirmation bias, and other persuasion attempts have influences on motivations and attitudes. Health promotion behavior is important because Mississippi has serious problems on this regard. His lab contributes to the basic understanding of motivational processes and tries to apply the knowledge to the community. Undergraduate students have an opportunity to work as a research assistant to gain research experience. They can also work on their own research under my supervision as a senior thesis or an independent study.


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