Mission and Vision

Departmental Mission:

The mission of the Department of Psychology is to engage in the discovery and creation of knowledge associated with psychological and biological processes and their relationship to human and animal behavior and to disseminate that knowledge through the scholarship and teaching processes.  To these ends, faculty and students in the undergraduate and graduate programs comprise the learning community through which these endeavors coexist.  The Department strives to nurture in its students, staff and faculty a collegial environment that has at its core the value of respect for individuals from diverse backgrounds with regard to ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, faith, socioeconomic status, nationality, language, culture, and ability.  Furthermore, the faculty, staff and students in the Department aspire to the highest ethical standards of the profession in the teaching and research processes and fully support the overarching mission of the University of Southern Mississippi.

Undergraduate Training Mission:

Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior, and application of that knowledge for the betterment of humankind.  Accordingly, students are mentored to think as young scientists within a broad-based liberal arts tradition.  Throughout the Undergraduate Program, students develop effective communication, writing, and technological skills.  Students are trained in the basic concepts of psychology and the methods of scientific inquiry and learn how to become critical consumers of research.  Undergraduates are encouraged to participate in active research as a component in their degree programs.  Graduates are prepared for a wide range of career opportunities in law, business, mental health, social services, and education.  Additionally, undergraduate training in the Department prepares students well for advanced training in psychology and other related fields.