JumpStart Pathway

JumpStart is an option for a current University of Southern Mississippi undergraduate student to pursue while completing an undergraduate degree. A junior or senior may apply to enter as a non-degree graduate student and take the three teacher licensure courses during the summer while completing his/her bachelor’s degree. There are three steps to admission.

Step 1

  • Have a 2.75 GPA on all pre-major coursework based on 44-hour core
  • Pass the Praxis CORE or ACT (at 21+ composite with no scale score below 18, all on the same test date)
  • 1 Letter of Recommendation from faculty or administration mailed to the Department (see Dr. Rachel Gisewhite's contact information below)
  • Submit to a background check

Step 2

Step 3

  • Pass Praxis II. Official scores should be sent to the Mississippi Department of Education Office of Educator Licensure and a copy of the scores should be sent to Southern Miss.

The three licensure courses to be taken during the summer while enrolled in your Bachelors program are: CIS 603, Management and Organization of Diverse Classrooms; CIS 700, Seminar in Secondary Education; and REF 632, Measuring Student Success. Upon undergraduate graduation, and if the student has met all requirements of JumpStart (completed the required 9 hours of alternate route coursework with a "B" or better), the student can apply to the TMI program. Once admitted into the TMI program, the student will secure a teaching position and register for the last TMI class, CIS 694/794, as well as follow the remaining steps and requirements for the certificate program. 

More information on the TMI program can be found here: USM Teach Mississippi Institute.  Please note this program will lead to initial licensure in Mississippi.  We do not guarantee to meet the licensure requirements of other states.  You will be responsible for verifying that your program of study meets your desired state’s licensure requirements.

Should you start the TMI program and decide you want to pursue a master's degree, apply to the Graduate School for a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).  Completion of the TMI program satisfies 12 of the 36 hours required for the MAT.  

Contact for More Information:
Dr. Rachel Gisewhite
Phone: 228-214-3249
Email: rachel.gisewhite@usm.edu   Back to College of Education and Psychology Homepage