Admission Requirements - Gold Card

The Gold Card serves as documentation that a student has met all admission requirements and has been officially admitted into an undergraduate, initial licensure teacher preparation program within the Professional Education Unit at The University of Southern Mississippi.

In compliance with Mississippi Senate Bill 2188, the following requirements must be met for the Gold Card:

  • Completion of a core curriculum of pre-major coursework
    1. ENG 101, Composition I (Min Grade C)
    2. ENG 102, Composition II (Min Grade C)
    3. MAT 101, College Algebra (Min Grade C)
    4. Science with a Lab
    5. Science with a Lab
    6. GHY 101, World Geography OR ANT 101, Anthropology OR SOC 101, Sociology (Min Grade C)
    7. ENG 203, World Literature (Min Grade C)
    8. HIS 101, World Civilization I (Min Grade C)
    9. HIS 102, World Civilization II (Min Grade C)
    10. Fine Arts Elective
    11. PSY 110, General Psychology (Min Grade C)
    12. CMS 111, Oral Communication
    13. PSY 270, Child Psychology OR CD 350, Child Development (Min Grade C)
    14. COH 100, Wellness (Min Grade C)
  • A minimum overall grade point average of 2.75 on the 44 hour core curriculum of pre-major coursework
  • Good academic standing
  • Acceptable scores on the Core Academic Skills for Educators Test (CORE): Reading Test Code 5712 with a score of at least 156, Writing Test Code 5722 with a score of at least 162, and Mathematics Test Code 5732 with a score of at least 150 OR a minimum overall score of 21 on the ACT
  • Completed background check through Castle Branch. Contact Paige Cannon at for help
  • Subscription to TK20
All requirements must be met prior to enrollment in restricted teacher education courses.


Any student with a question about these requirements should be directed to the College of Education and Psychology Dean.