Post-Conference Excursions

Please e-mail the designated contact person to RSVP or request additional information.

Haunted History Tours 

5 in 1 Ghost and Mystery Tour

Mildly theatrical, hugely historical, and thoroughly entertaining, ghosts, voodoo, witches, vampires, and unexplained mysteries. 

Price: $25 per person

Day: Thursday, March 24th

Time: 17:00 (5 PM)

Contact Person: Heidi Lyn

Contact Phone: 616-546-0298  


New Orleans Music Tours 

Music Gumbo Tour

The two-hour walking tour, Music Gumbo highlights recorded music from early 1900′s to contemporary. You’ll experience New Orleans’ premier cultural gift to the world through story, sight and sound. Stand where hundreds of slaves were ‘rocking’ on Sunday afternoons over 150 years ago. Look out on one of the last vestiges of the great operatic entertainment of the 19th century. You’ll be surprised at the link from there to New Orleans jazz, rhythm ‘n’ blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and even more. Music Gumbo is a family tour as well as a music tour for the serious aficionado. 

Price: $25 per person

Day: Thursday, March 24th

Time: 14:00 (2 PM)

Contact Person: Jen Christopher

Contact Phone: 928-301-3424



Swamp Tour

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours 

Located only twenty-five minutes from New Orleans in the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, Jean Lafitte Swamp and Airboat Tours explore Louisiana's back country along its meandering bayous abundant with wildlife and exotic plant life. Trained navigators escort you into the murky waters of Louisiana swamps where you will come face to face with the beauty and beasts of nature. Bring your camera to capture the thrills and chills of this unforgettable swampland journey! 

Price: $30-50 per person (based on attendance)

Day: Thursday, March 24th  

Time: 16:00  (4 PM)                            

Contact Person: Stephanie Jett            

Contact Phone: 251-490-3433



New Orleans Plantations Tour 

NewOrleans Plantation Country 

Come and see amazing architecture, design and landscaping. Stroll the shaded grounds beneath the outstretched limbs of ancient, moss-draped oak trees. Explore their intricately decorated, antique-filled rooms, and learn the stories of those who lived and worked here, in some of the most famous Louisiana plantations.

Price: $90 - $100

Day: Friday, March 25th

Time: All day

Contact Person: XiaoChing Li                    

Contact Phone: 504-599-0878