Conference booklet including full schedule available for download here [PDF].

Program updates available for download here [PDF].

Plenaries for Evolang 2016

Discussion plenaries:
  • Language localization in the brain: Evenlina Fedorenko (Psychology, Massachusetts General Hospital) and Sharon Thompson-Schill (Psychology, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Gricean communication: Thom Scott-Phillips (Anthropology, Durham University) and Richard Moore (Philosophy/Cognitive Science, Berlin School of Mind and Brain)                                                                                                                           

Single plenaries:

  • Vincent Janik (dolphin communication, Biology, University of St. Andrews)
  • Joan Bybee (usage-based grammaticalization, Linguistics, University of New Mexico)
  • Ljiljana Progovac (Evolution of Syntax, Linguistics,Wayne State University)
  • Erich Jarvis (Neurobiology of birdsong, Neurobiology, Duke University)
  • Dean Falk (Paleoneurology/motherese, Anthropology, Florida State University)


Download the timetable here [PDF].