Message from the Physical Plant: Friendship Oak Update

The branch removal and remediation project on the Friendship Oak at the Gulf Park campus has been completed. Larger pieces of the failed branch were fully removed from the tree, and the wound was sculpted to allow drainage and facilitate new bark growth. Remediation work included installation of seven metal support poles, which are designed to relieve weight stress and support future growth of the tree, as well as some pruning of the remaining branches. Our consulting arborists indicate that the remainder of the Friendship Oak is in a state of good health. 

The University is taking proactive measures to preserve the Friendship Oak’s legacy for generations to come. Larger pieces of the branch have been salvaged and stored for future use. We welcome suggestions from the community on what could be done with the stored wood in the future. Individuals are encouraged to submit suggestions online here.

Please be reminded that access underneath the Friendship Oak and surrounding area is restricted for the foreseeable future.

For additional questions, contact the Southern Miss Physical Plant at 601.266.4414.